Espn Says Phil Jackson Would Pick Bill Russell Over Michael Jordan To Build A Team Around

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    so its on the espn site that dr phil jackson would choose bill russell over michael jordan to start a team.  do you agree.  who would be you starting five.  mine would be
    center-bill russlell
    power forward- karl malone
    small forward- larry bird
    shooting guard-michael jordan
    point guard- magic johnson

  2. There's no way he was 100% serious about that. Russel deserves respect obviously, but if your taking a center your gonna go with Wilt or Kareem. Not a 6 foot 9 guy that would likely play forward nowadays.
    That said the most fun team to watch would be
    PG- Magic
    SG- Kobe
    SF- .Melo
    PF- Rodman
    C- Ewing
  3. You have to remember the Ideal team has to have chemistry. And Bill Russel is absolutley one of the greatest players of all time, and probably the best defensive big man of all time. That being said my dream team would be
    PF-Bill Russel
    SG-Reggie Miller

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