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Discussion in 'The Artist's Corner' started by Switch, Jul 25, 2002.

  1. hello- here is something I wrote a little pissed- five mins ago- er I'm too drunk to tell whether it makes sense and it looks good to me... but errr. I 'unno...

    It's never gonna happen
    I'm just dreaming
    And I'll never see you up close
    That's what hurts me
    That's what hurts the most

    Wakey wakey Switchey boy
    Back to the real world
    You are nuthin
    No one's are gonna
    Look at you that way
    Let alone her, Let her alone
    Get her out of your head
    Or do something about it

    Just accept it
    Life's not how it was supposed to be
    You were supposed to be different
    This was supposed to be different
    Better- you were gonna save the world
    You were gonna get the girl
    It was gonna work.

    Life's tainted, not the image of perfection
    That you see in your head.
    Not the image you see in her.
    Time to wake up and smell the shit.
  2. That's really sad, Switch. I know you we're mad when you wrote it but I'm a girl and really got it and now I'm sad.
  3. I like it. Powerful.
  4. I think almost any of us can relate to this poem. Could use a little work whenever u sober up.
  5. Most beautiful art comes from sorrow, we are all one!

    Let it come and go Switchey boy!

  6. your poem gave me goosebumps.
  7. Life is more wonderful than we expect it to be if only we open our eyes to the beautiful things around us. One day you'll be surprised with something more incredible than you ever imagined. Probably love. It's ok to long for someone or something.. but never dwell on it too long. This leads to despair. This leads to depression. Depression will make you life worse in every way and no one wants that. When we are happier, better things just seem to happen mysteriously! Peace bro

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