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    Renamed the thread. This will be the place where I post any drawings I may do. Feel free to comment, post relative works of your own, and enjoy

    I really need some suggestions for the last one it was just free thought flowing and like the concept but not to sure where to take it. Also i know i need to add a gradient to the rings on 2 but dont have a way to do it atm.

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  2. looks goood dude, did you draw all of it or just that star?
  3. All of it was done in sketchbook express. The star was a full sized image i made then i scaled it down and made it the background and just layered over it. Also in the final save of the image i fine turned the colors a little and rotated the star so it does have a huge spike showing.
  4. That looks awesome!!!
    Do you do a lot of cosmic drawings?
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    This and the star are my 1st 2 but i love The cosmos and would love to get into more of it. If you have suggestions or inspiration feel free to send it my way.

    Here is the final looks pretty much the same with some small small details.
  6. I happen to have a suggestion :D

    Could you do a drawing of these two stars colliding into each other? (The Binary Stars)
    I'll leave it up to you to decide further details.
  7. reminds me of a gas giant orbiting a red giant. very nice.

  8. That is an awesome idea it will be a few days before i get to it but that will be my next project. The star i used was actually being pulled apart by a black hole in one of my play sessions with it.

  9. This is exactly what came to mind for me.

  10. I can't wait to see what it looks like:D
  11. have you heard recently about alot of exoplanets being discovered via kepler? it would be sweet to see your own interpretations of these 'giant earth like planets'

    heres one of them, kepler 22 b
    Kepler-22b - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    they are intresting cuz we have no clue what they look like, just an idea of what they are made out of, mass, and if they have an atmosphere.

    just a suggestion :)
  12. WHOA.
    How in the hell do you DRAW something like that?

  13. Been on break from being a total nerd now im trapped. This will soon follow.

  14. Well not including the star. I just made a background (star with a black background from previous work), made a circle in a new layer slightly off the page and off center. Then made another circle inside slightly off of the 1st to create the crescent shape, and filled the planet black and the crescent a light brown. Created a new layer and painted over the circle outlines and added details to the crescent. Finally in a new layer i added in stars. Only brushes used were the circle maker thing(pen for a fine line), pen for stars, and airbrush for everything else. Star was done in a similar way.
  15. i noticed they have sketchbook express for Macintosh, are you drawing on a usb tablet or? just curious cuz i might buy the program

  16. Sketch book express is free. they have another version designed for usb tab, but i just used a mouse. Also if you buy the 60$ skech book pro tell me how it is i was just looking at that today wanting to buy it.
  17. OH like a computer drawing/ Photoshop type thing...
    That makes more sense. Good job:]
  18. Yes, I MIGHT do some work in paint soon though. Havent touched the stuff since high school though so i might need to catch up on that.

    thank you, Appreciate you stopping by to check it out.

  19. woah you only used a mouse? proppppps dude i thought forsure you did that on a tablet haha. bout to download express real quick n fuck around, if i do buy the full program ill deffanitley let you know how it is
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    It was a pain at times but not to hard. I promise you though for the low low price of free Sketchbook Express is well worth it. It's pretty easy to figure out but if you need help let me know.

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