Eric Holder-- two faced liar

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  1. Blades,

    I submit this for your evaluation:

    [ame=]YouTube - Holder's 2-Faced Lie On AZ Immigration Law[/ame]

    Racist! He screamed! Profiling! He screamed! Discriminatory! He screamed! Abusive! He screamed!

    "I haven't read the bill" he mutteredly quietly when under oath.
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  2. He said it was divisive. In other words, it can promote things like Racism, Profiling, Discrimination and Abuse. Who actually had to read that whole bill to understand that though?

  3. Oh noes! Someone has shown Eric Holder to be a 2 faced liar! Quick let's try and defend him!
  4. I'm not defending him, but he didn't lie. He never even said he looked at the bill.

    [ame=]YouTube - Attorney General Eric Holder Speaks on Arizona Immigration Law-Say's It's Divisive[/ame]
  5. He went on all the shows and helped with the "RACISM!" hysteria, while never actually reading the bill or knowing what he was talking about. Fucking hell you people are hypocrites.
  6. are people even surprised anymore at how completely incompetent our leaders are?
  7. This actually strikes me as retarded because unless I'm mistaken I even read the bill; isn't it only like two pages long?

  8. I think its ten pages and in very plain, understandable language.
  9. I was expecting a much bigger lie...
  10. I haven't read the bill, but I could tell you it's divisive. You don't have to read the bill to understand how other states have reacted to it... :confused: I don't see what the big deal is, why are Drone and Elliott going ape shit over this? Did he say that he read the bill on the 11th, then on the 13th say he didn't?

    From what I understand, this is what happened:

    May 11th: commented on the effects of the bill
    May 13th: said he hasn't read the bill


    he was commenting on the impact of the bill, not the substance of the bill. two very very different things, why so much hostility and sarcasm from the neo-cons? Are you trying to blow things completely out of proportion on purpose? :p
  11. It would make sense for a person who hasn't read the bill to say that it's racist or profiling.
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    Please, explain the exact statement in which he lied, SE. Is it the fact he made an what appears to be an uninformed opinion? Because if that's the fundamental problem, then you should start a Youtube channel with the same "2-faced liar" title starring yourself and most everyone here on this forum because let's be honest with ourselves, most everyone is so quick to offer an opinion on something without even the slightest hint of background or education in a particular topic (Global Warming, for example). Obviously it would have been prudent for him to have read the bill, but he didn't lie. So why you're so shocked, I have no idea. This happens every all parties, in all areas of politics. Do you recall Alberto Gonzales' "I don't recall" fiasco or have the conservatives conveniently forgotten about that as they vehemently criticize those currently in power for doing the same thing as the people they support?
  13. he did not lie as others have pointed out, he is just an idiot because no public official should comment on a law that he or she has not even taken the time read or analyze. sometimes i feel like our elected officials are under qualified but im sure im the only one right?
  14. Alberto Gonzalez, John Ashcroft anyone?

    You guys are such hypocrites.
  15. Technically he didn't fucking lie. Why are you people so stuck up!?!?!? Chill out and smoke some weed. It's not that hard to understand that it IS divisive
  16. Cmon people. KGB it lol
  17. They have commented on the immigration bill? Called it "probably unconstitutional" threatened court challenges, etc?

    Please cite. I haven't heard that.
  18. Ashcroft and Gonzalez are two-faced liars.

  19. The bad behavior of some persons in the past does not excuse the bad behavior of other persons today.
  20. No shit.

    So why dont you call them out as two-faced liars?

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