Erect Leaves?

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  1. Ok my clones were water deprived due to its root growth and me not watching it properly. The leaves were very droopy this morning, and when I watered them and put a excellofizz tablet in there the leaves seem to be totally erect hours later. I mean there standing straight the hell up. The only changes that I made is that I put a tiny heater inside the tent (intead of outside) at a temp of 80 degrees away from the plants so it can heat up the tent. The humidity dropped from 50-60% to 30-35% once I put that heater in.
  2. from the information u provided ur plants are just 'prayinh for light' this is normal and a sign of healthy plants.
  3. Nice!!!:hello: Thanks man.
  4. I usually let my plants dry out pretty good till they are droopy. Once I water real good they perk up like you describe.
  5. they are standing straight the hell up mean they are healthy as fuck!:D
    good job:hello:
  6. this bitch is prayin

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  7. praaaaise the lord hallelujah!!
  8. u drive a datsun 310 bluebird??:D
    i love the 510s hehe

  9. What?:bongin:

  10. Yeah thats.... yeah thats how it looked like. But not nearly as dope lookin. Sick plant bro!
  11. I love weed. Buds look great man.:smoke:

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