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  1. This goes along with the "70 watt hps??" thread but its slightly different. What are the components needed to run a:
    -35 watt hps
    -50 watt hps
    -70 watt hps

    and I read on this board somewhere that one of the lamps(The HPS or MV)is better for flowering and Veg. Which ones best for which? I also heard that both are used for flowering for better spectrum. But that'll raise my electic bill higher should I keep one on for 6 hrs then swith over to the other for six hrs?

    Your help is appriciated.
  2. What would happen if you were to put a HPS lamp into a ceramic socket w/o a ballast? I assume it wouldnt start but just a guestion, a stupid one at that.
  3. That last question... it would have a 120 volt supply to it what would happen?
  4. That could have all been in one post ya know,,,,lol

    Those fixtures are self ballasted..usually with bulb...a cord is all that is needed to be able to plug it into outlet or timer.

    No... HPS bulb will not operate in standard lamp socket.

    Metal Halide---Veg/Whole grow

    HPS---Flower/Whole grow

    Keep reading back posts..they will be very helpful

  5. I was wondering If I could go to the hardware store and pick up a ballast, and what type I would need

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