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  1. I think i have a Nitrogen Deficiencies can i use epsom salt and if so how much per liter ...thanks
  2. Epsom salt is magnesium sulfate (MgSO4) and contains no nitrogen so I don't think it can help with a nitrogen deficiency. Hope that helps.

  3. Noob !!!!

    Read my link on magnesium deficiency, which is more common than nitrogen deficiency..
  4. What was the point of calling him a noob? Don't really think that's considered helping....

    Here's a better question to get this started. Are you flowering at the moment? Any other things you can tell about the plant? Soil ph. What nutes you are using. Kind of soil... Stuff like that.
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  5. can you post a pic mate?

    if you think you have a nitrogen defo then you'd put a 1 off feed of your veg nutrients ,as its high in nitrogen.

    but saying that dont put any in yet,let us help you bud:)as it might not be a n defo.

    if no pic could you explain in more detail the problems your facing mate, we'll bounce off each other & WE will resolve your prob mate;)

    lets get started:)
  6. i have some Sulfur Def for sure. Its same like this. I am growing in soil use AN 3 part Nutes + BigBud and Carboload. Currently 2nd week in flowering. So my question is how much epson salt should i use? And to mix it with the nutes or with plain water?

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