Epic Win/Fail Thread

Discussion in 'Grasscity Forum Humor' started by YouSuckDude, Nov 30, 2009.

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    this thread is a compilation of the most epic shit on the internet...enjoy.
  2. i can see this thread being an epic win.:D
  3. lol!! great way to start it off haha +rep
  4. LOL!!!

    awh man

    LK approves of this thread :D
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    i like how this is starting, ill be back in a bit here to add. got a bunch of ya






  6. How fucking good would it feel if that was your house.
  7. lmao, dude eats the evidence:

    the website 4gifs.com is full of awesome gifs
  8. lol!!! +rep hahah awh man this thread was a good idea...

    that was an epic win indeed.
  9. this is one of my favorites
  10. holy shit. if that driver meant to do that he's got mad skills.

    cops a dumbfuck though lol, that car still stands out like a mafucker
  11. i know right. im not sure if this is real or not, but i think it is cause it seems to be off a traffic cam
  12. ive seen that movie and dont remember that part, ill try youtubing for the part

  13. damn that's slick!

    so, it's easier to evade the cops if you're able to drive like a stuntman?
  14. shit man that aint epic win. that's epic death. lol

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