Epic Weekend...22 miles and a view to die for (pics)

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  1. Hey guys...this is kind of a long story but i just need to document my awesome weekend. Ill start off by introducing the three friends I shared this experience with: Allie, Jeff, and Robby. On Wednesday I got a call from Robby telling me about a backpacking trip he is setting up at Point Reyes National seashore.
    Since I am down with backpacking I told him i would come for sure. We arrived at the parking lot around 1 on Sunday, getting ready to pack out. Immediately we come to this giant hill and have to go about 2 miles uphill. I realized how bad of shape i am in (probably cuz of smoking :p), but eventually we made it to our first campsite.
    The site we had was pretty shitty. It was in a wide open field with a 360 view of nothing...
    Now we were pissed that we hiked fuckin 6 miles to come to a shitty campsite, so we look around for a good site. We find a decent one, and just set our stuff up. The group who was supposed to be there kicked us out after a few minutes, so we were pissed off. Just as were about to go to our shitty site, this lady in a vail comes up to us.
    "You guys looking to change sites? My daughter doesnt know what poison oak looks like, so you can take our site and we'll take the wide open one"
    We were in shock at how perfect timing it was...let alone how perfect the site was. Now this site is at the beach, so we decided the best thing to do is go blaze down on the beach as a reward for a long hike. We sit down and start ripping my friends pipe called "Dank Aaron". We decide its time for an adventure, so we start heading out to the cave. Immediately we saw this sick carving in the sand:


    We even saw these jellyfish the size of a fuckin basketball:


    After staring at the cave we decide to go cook up some dinner: couscous with chicken and trail mix as dessert.

    As were sitting around the table we all realize we have jack shit to do. No cards, no frisbee, nothing. Right as were all awkwardly sitting there, the guys that kicked us out of the site told us to go down to the beach and kick the sand. We were like "wtf, are they trying to get us to walk all the way down to the beach for nothing?"
    We head down, and still stoned, we start playing with the sand. Now, this wasnt a normal revelation. When you moved the sand, it would sparkle blue...almost like a reflection of the moon in each grain of sand. I was like "HOLY FUCK ITS A LEGENDARY SECRET THAT WE DISCOVERED!!"

    We were all stunned to find that the guys that kicked us out were actually chill and told us about this sick phenomenon that none of us had ever seen before.:hello:

    Right after checking out the sand we see this kid and his dad. He tells us that we can have their fire. We head over, its THE best fire i have ever seen made. 3 perfect logs, one long enough that you push to keep the flame going. Anyways, we sat there blazing all night :smoking:, enjoying ourselves.
    Since this story is so long, here is the campsite we stayed at the next day, after a 10 mile hike:
    thanks for reading, i just wanted to share with others how awesome of a time I had

  2. Damn, sounds like you had a great time. That last pics looks so nice, wish I could blaze there.
  3. Sounds like an awesome time bro. Being out in nature with some good friends and some bud, just relaxing. toke on :smoke:

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