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Discussion in 'The Artist's Corner' started by Palmer Eldritch, Mar 23, 2006.

  1. well I got a large chunk of this poster knocked out in the past few days. I obviously have a lot to do on the right yet and then its the arduous process of inspecting every little bit to clean up lines and make sure the fills are complete. Maybe this flurry will continue and I'll be able to finish in the next two weeks.

    If you want to see the last update, click the link right here

    this is current as off today"
  2. Holy shit dude, I dont know even where to begin to make somethin like that! Thats really good
  3. HOLY


    *has an acid flashback*
  4. :eek: Fuck dude, that's INSANE!! So increadible, all the little subtle things make it, just mind blowing! +REP for sure dude!
  5. + rep man, i love it.
  6. +rep. amazing picture. so well detailed.
  7. Man, you drew that?..SICK

    Reminds me of Futurama stuff..
  8. yea thats awesome +rep definately. i looked at your website and your other work is prety sweet too. there was one drawing i really liked but i forget what it was called...ill look it up real quick... Jazz thats whats its called, great drawing.

    this picture has some definate acid cues in it. whats the actual size of this picture? colored pencil paint? whats the medium?

    do you sell any of your work?
  9. did u draw all of that!?!? thats fuckign amazing!
  10. hey thanks guys, glad you all like it. Im getting real excited about this project again now that Im nearly finished. Its spanned nearly three years, working on it off and on. I can't wait to work on the next one.

    Maitereya - this started off as a 10x13 inch pencil drawing. I then inked it with pen and scanned it into the computer. I'm using photoshop cs2 and a Wacom tablet to color it. The resolution that i work on it is 8264x6244 so it will be nice a clean when i print out 26"x20" posters.

    Small update today, up at the top post so clear your cache if you don't see it. Just the fish tree, evil city protector, far right of the city, the little bit of undercity and the sand on the left side still to do.
  11. Wow, just absolutely wow, i'm blown away.
  12. Fantastic work! i love how it flows!
  13. last update before the completion, refresh those browsers.. just doing the final detail/clean up work now for the most part.
  14. Its done! the fucker is finally finished. i just need to create a border and then send it off to the printers.
  15. :eek:

    Damn, thats awsome
  16. Where the fuck can I get one of those? I want one!
  17. I would buy that in a heartbeat dude! Hook me up!
  18. ty ty

    i should have all the details worked out with my printer in the next week or so. I plan on selling some work at the local headshops and through my website. I think it'll be 20/25 a print but i'll need to know the printing cost first before i figure out how much I'll be selling them for.

    my old art teacher used to help organize a large art festival in MI, I'm going to see if he can help me get a booth this summer. Now if i was really motivated, i'd get a vender booth at Allgood Music Festival this year, they had some fucking incredible artists there last year and many many drug addled heads to enjoy the work
  19. That's beautiful.
  20. What did OP end doing with the art work? Shirt ,calender or what :)

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