Epic journeys while blazed.

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  1. Alot of times me & friends go on epic journeys that last a day long while we're blazed/blazing.

    Like, today;

    Me & My friend Kris went to go blaze & skate cause I've never done that before,
    so we meet up, go find a chill spot, roll two joints (I'm a light-ass smoker) and smoke them casually, takin time.

    And Kris was tryin to tell me to pick something up but said
    "Pick it down, man."

    Then we walked back towards my pad and went to the store near it, got some GRAPE DRINKKK then skated to a school to go skate.
    Skating felt a day long, but it was like 2 hours of "Woah shit dude" and funny ass one liners.

    Kris: "LITTLE N_GGER!" (its censored)
    Me: "WHERE?!"
    Kris: "YOU!!!!!!!"

    And we recited Jay's line from Clerks 2 when they're sellin dank;

    "Fifteen bucks, little man, put that shit in my hand."


    Then we walked to the nearest like shopping center & munched.

    Thats just one of my stories,

  2. [​IMG]

    But, on a serious note, don't skate on school campuses high.. cops come so fast when people skate at schools, and if you're high to top it off, and a minor, which no offense you sound like, you would be fucked.
  3. Ehh well today schools aint open and cops are kinda chill with skaters around here so its all good brah. As long as you aint like some of the assholes who be breakin shit & being dicks you know?

    When me & my friend were blazed we were just chillin not being dumb.
  4. Yeah that's cool i guess. i remember the cops being real dicks when i used to skate, even on weekends if we skated the schools campus theyd be there in 5 minuites hollerin. =/
  5. Damn that sounds like a hella buzzkill bro.
  6. man just yesterday i had to go to the dentist but my dad was starting a new job and wouldent be home so i found a ride from my buddy he comes over early though and we blaze for a little while then when i say lets go to my house get my little brother and you take us to the dentist and we are parked atm and he goes to start his car click click click click click WTF so im like shit im not getting nowere doing this im just sitting here high so my house is like 5 blocks away i power walk home tell my brother we are gonna have to walk and its 2:40 when i get home i throw on some fresh clothes that dont smell like buddha and we have a fucking distance to walk and its cold snow on the ground and my brother fell on ice earlier that day so he is limping there slowing us down but nothing i could do about it but anyways we are walking we are about half way or a little more there and its 3:05 im like shit fuck were late real good show up late and high to your dentist appointment we cut through these appartments and we are back by everyones parking garages and this old man starts honking and goes HEY!!!!!! im like woah what man he goes u want a bike theres a bike right there thats been there foreveer and pretty much when were outa the appartment area we gotta go like 2 more blocks and were there im like shit too bad bike wasnt earlier on the trip there but anyway it was random we get in and i explain lol go back and the lady takes my blood pressure or something never had this done at dentist before and she goes wowzers your heart is pumping i wasnt nervous or anything but i did smoke a black n mild on way there so tobbaco pumps ur blood pressure up but then it was kinda weird with someone right up in ur mouth with the light shinning on you just high as hell lol but then the guy doc came in and started talking hes like all whats going on bud i just smile like its all good man but yeah it was a epic journey
  7. I went down a flight of stairs and back up :D

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