Epic Buzzkill

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Blazed4dayz, Jan 30, 2011.

  1. Me and a buddy M were planning to get FUCKED UP over the weekend. So we planned for today, I picked up today (7grams) and he had 2g on him. So we ended up smoking a bit, I rolled a joint for us to walk around with, and we hit a couple pipe bowls. Big ones, too I might add.

    We were in M's neighborhood as I agreed to finally come over.
    His parents are anti-weed (not badly) and his brother is a cop. We got back to his house, and his mom locked us out. So she had to open the door, and immediately smelt the bud. Told M that she thinks I did something bad, so I kinda just shrugged it off.

    I took my coats off in his room, went downstairs to play some ping pong high, ended up winning the set, btw ^^. Anyways, so basically when we were down there, his mom went through my coats and stuff, cause we got back to the room and it was at another place. So M got cheesed that they were doing this. They got in his face about it, turned on the lights to get a good look too, they barged into his room countless times, uninvited and without permission.

    Basically a huge high killer. Then I changed it around a little, and got the rents and the cop off my ass cause I was acting like a well-mannered guy, and I don't look like a typical sketch stoner, so I fit the Mr.nice guy innocent persona.

    Totally killed my high, now we planned to do it up again this monday (no school), but this time hes coming over, cause my rents are not as suspicious and all. I started building an igloo outside, which we'll finish as well. Hopefully, itll be better then today.

    :/ K well its 2 20 am so I'm gonna go toke up, lata. :p
  2. That's shitty people barging into the room like that

    Have a good sesh man it's 230 am here right now and I toked bout an hour ago so I'm going to bed pce man
  3. What a nosey bitch. Why the fuck would his mom go through her sons friends coat? That's just nosey as fuck, not cool. I would be sober n paranoid after that.

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