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  1. greetings. i consider myself an enthusiast and *ahem* aspiring scientist. i've been experimenting with grows for several years, mostly tinkering around and just trying to learn it inside and out. fast forward to today and i find myself in need of information from knowledgable people and this is where they are.

    in a nutshell: my first grow from 6 seeds has given me 6 big strong strapping men and nary a lady. not my idea of a party.

    sidenote: in my current environment i averaged 60-70% females from random genetics (bagseed)

    what has me scratching my head: the 6 seeds are "great genetics" from an online vendor with a decent reputation. they were not "feminized" but then again i don't have "feminized" money.

    according to the vendor i am doing something wrong in my environment to get so many males (i'm not sure where i stand on the great genetics vs. environment debate). which brings us to the environment:

    dwc in veg and flower
    5 gallons buckets flowering.
    4 plants per 18 gallon tub in veg
    4- 40w floros in veg room
    1 400w hps in flowering
    sensi product nutes (veg/flower)
    tap water (ph adjusted as necessary)
    ph ~6
    no co2/fancy extras

    are there special care instructions for good genetics i missed that are over and above bagseed?

    if environment can truly affect the sex before it flowers then it follows that i can do something different to these clones to make females out of them and not just send them to the permanent boys resting room right?

    in other words it doesn't make sense. if sex-wise you're going to be what you're going to be then i got stiffed on the seeds. if the environment can change the sex then what can i do to get some ladies in the mix?
  2. I've herd! not 4 sure but a 24-0 light schedule in veg is supposed to yield more females. its a very interesting topic and it sucks bout ur plants. my guess is if u clone they will b males. if u can use the dudes to impregnate another plant and use seed from that:smoking:

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