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  1. How do envirolites rate to hps, or are they hps. I have got the oputunity to buy new envirolite for 30.00 and it is 125watts, i will be using it to grow 2 plants in wardrobe. Do You think it will be suitable or shall i just buy 400 watt hps??????????????
  2. You could pull that grow off with a 250 watt HPS light pretty easily.....
  3. I am growing with an envirolite at the moment as a supplement to a 400W HPS

    One benefit of using high-out put fluorescents is that they do not generate as much heat and can be kept almost on top of the plants producing the exact 100% PAR light with no loss of intensity. HPS lights have to be positioned further away due to the amount of heat that they produce but they have a much higher lumen output which is what pushes the energy to the plant. If you position these new lamps close to the leaves you get the benefit of 100% PAR light in the correct 400nw to 700nw range, giving the plant the correct light colours and light quality. At the moment the most powerful one you can get is 125W however there is going to be a 200W one released in the next couple of months also you need to bear in mind that there a 2 different types white/blue 6100k 125w lamps can be used for propagation and vegative growth and red 2700k 125w lamps are used for flowering, basically they provide different parts of the light spectrum that the plant requires for the stage it is at.

    As you are going to be growing in a wardrobe you may find that heat is a problem and these lights will help combat that as you can place them almost on top of the plants however you will still need some kind of method to change the air in the grow space to feed your plant with CO2 and also raise the temperature to the desired level, again HPS lights are good for this reason.

    Personally I like these lamps and am going to be using them to start new plants while my others are on the 12/12 cycle. If you can keep all the other conditions at the correct level then you can successfully grow with them plus they are remarkably cheaper to run compared the HPS or MH and you don't need to purchase additional ballasts either.

    Hope this helps
  4. well lets see... a 125w envirolite gives off 12,600 lumens... or 100 lumens per watt... of flourecent light... and costs $100 new...now a 150w HPS gives off 16,000 lumens or 106 lumens perr watt... so over all envirolites are pretty much equal to small HPS lamps... and are easy to get really close to plants... but you can buy a 150w HPS for $50, and spend a total of about $30 making it remote ballast and air cooled, making it capable of getting just as close as an envirolite....

    personally id go with HPS... but for ease of use envirolites are the way to go...:)

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