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  1. Am I the only person on this planet that hates the show "Entourage" and everything to do with it? The characters on the show are completely stupid, it's about one guy who "makes it" in the movie biz while his friends and agent feed off his success. SO, who else hates this show? (if any)
  2. But it's written about Marky Mark, how can you say you hate it?

    Perhaps if you watched more of his music you'd understand how awesome it would be to hang out in his entourage.

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ut_XDMl-1X8]YouTube - Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch - Good Vibrations [feat. Loleatta Holloway][/ame]​

    Yo! its about time, to bring forth the rhythm and the rhyme!
  3. I would totally walk down the street without my shirt on with the boombox blasting that in my ear.
  4. I love entourage lol. Last season was great imo
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    if you hate entourage its because you don't get it

    mark wahlberg is a badass dude, i cant wait for how to make it in america
  6. THATS NOT THE POINT!!! I KNOW ABOUT MARKY MARK AND DONNIE WALHBERG! lol he's just not THAT famous guy that I 'want to be when I grow up'... I looked/look up to actors like Deniro, Pacino, Eastwood, Stallone (sort of :p) and their actual influence and professionalism. Timeless classics that'll have life even after I die! Ive met Mark partying with the D.I.P. Crew here in the lower mainland. Nice guy, good times, but a TV show based on a successed underwear model is Boo-urns man... Cmon Joe! 'Good Vibrations' doesnt mean 'shitty tv show'....
  7. Holy shit, dude... you really do hate Entourage, don't ya? :D
  8. [​IMG]

    Now thats what i call an entourage! which one do you think is turtle?

  9. that's ignorant, its not like that
  10. I love Entourage, every single season has managed to keep me hooked. I also love how it has star cameos and it feels kinda like an alternate universe

    I still wanna see Queens Blvd, to bad its not real
  11. well if all you seen was that watered down shit on spike i dont blame you

    its a pretty damn funny show unedited tho especially ari going on his rants
  12. i used to hate on it until i actually watched it. im not going out to buy the seasons or anything but if i see it on ill most likely watch it because it keeps me entertained

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