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Enough time to cleanse for drug test?

Discussion in 'General' started by positiveenergy8, Dec 16, 2012.

  1. Hey guys, sending out mad positive vibes to all of you.

    So check it, I'm real close to my dream job at the best hospital I know, but I gotta pass a drug test (my boss is my neighbor, real grateful he didn't catch me toking in the first place haha).

    For a while now (I'd say just over a month), I've restricted my smoking to once or twice a week (sometimes twice a day, but rarely) with the last time being a joint on thursday between me and two other people. I managed to bullshit enough time to make it a week or two after my classes start on January 24th. I'm just under 6 feet, and 185 pounds, but I've been pissing a lot and dieting these past few days so I'll shed some weight by then. Think I'll be good? Anything more I can do? I'd much rather actually filter my system than fake clean piss. Thanks, fellow blades.
  2. Seems like you got enough time, over a month. You should be fine if you just drink a lot of water and stuff.
  3. you need to work out a ton. that's a sure way to get thc metabolized out of your system sooner. and you should be breaking a sweat. good cardio is the best.
  4. Cutting it close man.
    What types of food are you eating? Be sure to eat healthy [meaning your body should be absorbing whatever you intake, so no unnecessary fats] Fruits, Vegitables and 100% fruit juice.

    Buy some Vitamin B [Niacin] and be sure to eat some red meat sometime close to your test. You must avoid eating crap but I think your odds are good.

    Also you have to stop working out close to your test.
  5. Just stop smoking until the test and drink a lot of cranberry juice, it cleans you out. And if you go through with not smoking for a while, your tolerance will go way down and that 1st high after your test will feel great.
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    First of your name man:).

    I know, really looking forward to my first high. While we're on the topic, anybody have any nice stories about their first high after a tolerance break?

    BTW, I'm really just eating anything I want as long as it's healthy. Lots of fruits and vegetables, had some rye bread today but besides that not a lot of fatty grains or starches. Drinking mad water (bout a gallon a day), juice, and a couple cups o tea.

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