Enough of Winter Already.

Discussion in 'General' started by Heinous Anus, Feb 18, 2008.

  1. Don't get me wrong, I like the cold sometimes. The snow, sledding, tubing, fireplaces going, all that...but, around February that's when I generally have enough of it.

    Now, I'm starting to get a little cabin feverish. I still go hiking and such, just not as much. I like not having to wear much clothes. Give me some sandals, shorts, and a t-shirt. I'm set.

    I want to hit the beach so badly. In about 3 weeks I'll be hitting Southern Spain, France, and Italy. So, I know it won't be hot but maybe a tad warmer than New England.

    Ahh, like 2 more months til some good weather starts to come this way. Can't wait.

  2. Tell me about it man. Here in Wisconsin the past few years we've basically had "winter-less" winters. Very little snow and unseasonably warm. But this year is the complete polar opposite. We've have upwards of 6 feet (and more, in some places) of snow so far this season. Just this past week here where I'm at we got 8 inches dumped on us, then the next day got 7 more. Not to mention the amoutn of -30 degree days we've had.

    I'm all for havin snow in the winter here, it's what Wisconsin is known for, pretty much. But god damn this is getting ridiculous. There are 12 foot high piles of snow in most shopping center parking lots. I can't wait til spring.
  3. dude its like almost 65 in fucking mass today... too bad its like non stop rain and thunder... but still.. fucking 65 in mid february?? crazyyyyyyyy
  4. I hate the cold. I moved frim Texas to Chicago.

    Ive been here for about 2-3 months and I now hate snow...
  5. True. That.

    We got so much snow up here last night/this morning. I'm ready for the warmth.
  6. Bleh fuck winter, I hibernate all winter, cold makes me feel like shit.

    Can't wait till spring, I hate having to wear shoes, long johns, long sleeve shirts and all that shit.

    Florida in march will be a nice reprieve for me.
  7. Dirty FLA yall its been 85 degrees here already. Most days are nice and sunny, about 70 degrees... Ahhhh you caint beat that shit!
  8. Don't be such a baby Heinous, it's not that bad :p At least you have that amazing trip to look forward too! How long are you staying and in what cities? I'm going to England/Ireland this summer in July, I can't wait. Whoopiee! :D
  9. Wow, yall goin to diffrent countriesn shit.. Ima be on the block still. :(
  10. Im sick of the cold also... cant wait for it to warm up so i can do stuff outside! And fuck walking to class at 7:30am in 15 deg weather!
  11. I hate how they call it "Spring Semester" when in reality you get maybe a bout a month of warm weather, if that.
  12. where abouts you from?
    im in alberta canada and its still rather chilly here... snow is still on the ground

    i want out!!
  13. I don't know what you want from mother nature, Heinous...it's like 50 degrees where I am and the rain yesterday and today melted most of the snow... Sounds like someone up there is listening to you :)
  14. It's not even the cold that's really bad..it's the wind. It's terrible in Chicago.
  15. In Pittsburgh it sucks, -15 degrees all week, with a 1/2 inch of snow, than one day it's 55 degrees and thunderstorms and than back to -15 degrees for another week
  16. Just imagine that first day in like mid-March when you go outside and you're like "Hey, this is t-shirt weather..." It wouldn't be so sweet unless we had to wait out the cold, rain and snow.

    For me, the warm weather means that I can walk across the street to the beach (my dorm is literally across the street from the beach) and get some tanning done, man. Smoke a bowl, throw on the headphones and lay down in the sun...awesome.
  17. California calls.. I will answer that call in 3 months :D
  18. :hello:enjoying summer on the beautiful east coast of Australia here! :smoke:
  19. I cant wait till winters over its so boring. The cold just makes everything seem dull.
  20. The South Won :hello:

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