Enough Light? Lumens?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by golouisave, May 22, 2013.

  1. So i'm working on my second growth 
    Started all from seed
    first time I used my tent to start from Seed which 4 out of 5 come out as females
    was using a 600watt light.
    i'm in my last 2-3 weeks of flowering for my plants so can't be using my tent for Veg stage so 
    I decided to use a small room/closet I don't use to seed and start veg stage.
    I have a HydroFarm 
    24w T5 Fluorescent Grow Light (color temp 6400k) & Initial Lumen- 2280
    and also using
    AgroSun- Fluorescent Compact light build 32W Also Color temp 6400K and Lumens 1800
    Would it be enough for the next 3 weeks
    Room space is about 3ftx2ft

  2. Iwould try to make some type of fixture so you could hang your t5 over the top of yours plants and add more cfls. The more lights the merrier. But of course good ventilation is needed to keep heat build up down in the closet. But thats my opinion take from it what you will. Good luck
  3. Keep those lights close(3inches) cause they will stretch for light and get spindly and fall over.
  4. I'm looking into that, i'll probably end up hanging the T5
  5. I would definately would try to add more T5's if you can. I use a 4'  t5 fixture with dual bulbs, and give them 2-3 weeks under it before moving it to a 600W light. You need to keep the T5's close to avoid stretching, and the plants will be very compact with not much space between nodes...

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