Enough daylight in east tenn.? Help!

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  1. image.jpeg image.jpeg So I have roughly 8 plants that look like they are doing great. I just don't know if they are getting enough light because they don't have any 5 fingered leaves yet... Where I am in East Tennessee we are getting 14.2 hours of sunlight but I just feel like somethings off and they look kinda stretched. Part of the day the plants are blocked by the trees.. Could this be it? Or we had several overcast days recently Is this enough to keep them in veg and bring them full term till October? I've been feeding fox farms grow big every other day
    Any help is greatly appreciated!
  2. they are stretching so measure the direct or filtered sunlight (mixed sun and shade. the plants get direct sunlight off and on throughout the day as the sun moves) total shade doesn't count. they need bigger containers and transplant them deeper so more of the stem is under soil. they look OK they just need to grow.
  3. I agree with waterhead,transplant them n bury them at least up where the round leaves r.id rip the round leaves off too
  4. Yeah my seedlings did the same thing I had to put them in more light.
  5. Plenty of light at 14 hours. Your gonna start flowering second week of July to second week of August depending on strain. Those plants absolutely need to be in the ground or bigger pots so the roots can spread. From what I've read 4 hours direct sunlight is enough.
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  6. Drew..
    June 1st is set out day for all of the Northern Hemisphere.. That gives you all of June and July to veg in.. Just the 60 days centered on the summer solstice is usable to veg under outside.. Come mid August the light will have changed enough to bring on flower..
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  7. I live in the same area & I have grown some primo outdoor bud. If you plant on a southern slope, you will be good. Most people had their crop in the ground a month ago.

    Good luck amigo.
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  8. Thank you guys for all of your help!!! I haven't increased pot size because I planned on Putting them in the ground on June 1st . Can't wait this will be my first outdoor crop!
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    From experience in the area i can say if your on leaf set 3 or 4 (obviously this varies genetic to genetic) by the time the summer soltice (june 22nd this year) hits, and your running indica dominant genetics, you WILL see finished product since frost doesnt come here till late october. And you may even see modest yeilds as well. If you are running clones you can plant mid july and **usually**(not always) just squeak out ripe nugs.

    you should be good...but next year you should try and be about a month earlier, my babies have been in ground for 5 weeks, i actually popped the seeds in ground lol. Most of mine havn't even shown preflowers yet.

    cept this one ima leave some pics of :3 ...five weeks old, days still getting longer, and already going into flower....love it, even took care of that pre flowering-cycle stretch already xD

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  10. Seedlings are not mature for about 30 days from sprouting and can be started outside the 1st of May..
    Plants older then a month and all clones will flower if set out any months other then June and July.. Not enough hours of light per day.. That's your general guidelines.. Time matched at 16-8 will give the best results and avoid early flowering issues caused by poor time matching..
    My 2 cents..
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