enjoying your own filth

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  1. ok, bear with me on this

    have you ever noticed if someone else hasn't showered in like 4 days its fucking disgusting
    but if you haven't and you smell yourself its just like...haha woo!
    idk, this sounded good in my head
  2. Hmmm, if I am being uber lazy and not moving then kindof yah lol, it makes you feel very comfortable. Haha but usually I like to shower.
  3. yea its like damn i really need a shower...but i'm lazy
  4. aha i always feel way better when im clean thats why i shower as soon as i wake up then spark a nice L feelin clean!
  5. If I can smell myself in a bad way, it's time for a shower. I can go a whiiiile without showering (provided I'm not going to work or seeing my boyfriend; that's just grimy) but that's only because I usually don't smell.
  6. perhaps bo wasn't the best example but when you take a shit and your like DAMN THAT CAME OUTTA ME?!?!?
  7. when i dont shower and i get a wif of myself when im in bed i just laugh and go "god DAMN! you reek dude."
  8. Everyone likes their own brand.
  9. That's nasty.
  10. oh yeah, thats what i'm about to do now, get the house 100% straight and chill as possible so i have nothing to worry about when im getting baked
  11. and shower too of course.
  12. I like showers. Especially with superheated water, and some nice Cascade Formula Orange detergent, for like an hour and a half. I come out all sparkly!
  13. I experience this all too often. Usually right after I wake up; I don't reek, but I can definitely smell the smell of a man.
  14. When I was trying to get rid of my last girlfriend I would continously wash my whole body except my genitals. hehe got that bitch good
  15. well aparently my the resident dirty kid, some people may remember i went 9 days once without showering. but right now im on day 2, yes 9 days is a little extreme but i dont see the problem with going a couple days, i just like to chill at all times so i need the drive to get up and wash myself
  16. Ugh, I can't help but notice when either a guy or a girl doesn't shower. Their hair is usually badly done and/or greasy. They have grease all over their faces and ya, sometimes they do smell.

    I hate not showering for I feel epicly greasy. I shower once a day, everyday. Sometimes twice If I'm smoking or had just finished playing a sport.
  17. Sorry OP, but I shower twice a day. Morning and then after work.

    I actually like to not be a scrub and get pussy. Obviously you don't. :rolleyes:
  18. Sometimes I'll go a day or two without showering, but I feel really disgusting after that. I remember once some kid at school said he hadn't showered in 5 days because he was studying. How could you be studying so much you can't take a couple minutes to take a shower and not look like you crawled out of a dumpster?

    On the other hand, if I am experiencing particularly pungent flatulence I'll take a big whiff and congratulate myself.
  19. hahaha. werd. its kinda like farts. everyone likes theyre own brand. (the wise words of fat bastard.)
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    damn you man beat me to it

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