Enjoying the Florida weather

Discussion in 'General' started by growinggrass, Aug 27, 2012.

  1. Well its been storming since yesterday. I find its perfect smoking weather in my eyes so I'm getting ready to pack the piece and relax.

    so just wondering, is anyone on here besides me enjoying Tropical Storm Issac? Does stormy weather make anyone else feel like token or is it just me?
  2. I lived in southern florida during hurricane charley and the other 10 that rolled in the 2 years after, haha....it was fun, but fuck the humidity gave me swamp ass every single days...4 yrs was perfect time to live there and then gtfo....to your point though, it was always fun lighting up a bowl with some high school friends and chill in the middle of a tropical storm, school called off of course, good times. :bongin:
  3. Not hating but its funny that us humans take shelter for granted.
  4. haha yea I've been here my whole life. cant wait to get away for a few years. Around here it seems like tradition among my friends to meet up at one place, light some candles, set up the circle, and enjoy the shitty weather haha.

  5. Yep, this I miss, some good times in SoFl :smoke:
  6. I think most of Florida took shelter for granted during hurricane charley, we were not prepared very well, power was out for a week for me, three weeks to five weeks for some, and school started not 4 days after it hit, kids were going to school for months without taking showers at home, only school. After that, where I lived in Florida every storm with winds over 35mph we boarded shit up, hurricane shutters down and emptied out all the gas from the gas stations and took all the water, etc. Sometimes the storm wouldn't take down a palm tree, yet we were all hunkered down with enough fuel to last us the year. Once the hurricanes stopped around 2007-08, nobody gave a shit again. :rolleyes:
  7. yeah its like up north you have snow days. down here in SoFl we get rain days. Gotta make the best of em haha

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