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  1. You know, this is my first year and as much as I want a good outcome, no matter how it all comes out in the end, I sure have got an abundance of enjoyment out of just watching them, photographing them,and admiring their beauty...seriously I'm just a general fan of plants! Here's a couple pics I took yesterday as the sunlight was beginning to wane...cool auras :) Let's hear it for the joy of gardening, or am I the only nerd out there!? :) Check out my "super crop" that was almost a "top"! Hey ,...I'm learning!

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  2. ***** u fukd up,,,bend til it elbows, pinch an twist no break an snap. do it more close to the node so it gives the spot to grow mor nt tym
  3. I feel you Fondhandler! I am a HUGE fan of the MaryJane plant. This year is also my first grow - I only have two plants, but it has been a shit-ton of fun, as well as (so far) a success. Its like I am obsessed with my plants, constantly checking on them. Luckily for me, my plants are in movable pots, and I live in a rural area. So I put them on the back patio near my outdoor furniture. Its so enjoyable to relax in the summer out back and smell the beautiful aroma that comes from my ladies. They are also quite nice to look at :)

    This year has changed me forever. I will now grow cannabis each summer, whether it be just one plant, or 12!
  4. It's so enjoyable to get home after working hard all day around friggin' shitloads of lame-ass ,rude, selfish,stupid people(no, I'm not burnt out or anything,been a server for 33-years!)...and to just spend quiet time with my beautiful plants. It's such a calming pastime. Anything I recieve from them in return will be icing! :)

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    Yeah I f**ked up on that one alright, super aware of that, guess that's how we learn. Pic shows the resilience of the plant tho! ( Got some other tops out of it also)
  6. beautiful!

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