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  1. Two engineers and two lawers are going to new york for a meeting. The company they're with decides to send them by train since it's cheaper. The lawyers go up to the booth and buy two tickets, the engineers behind them buy just one ticket. The lawyers ask them how they expect to get to new york with just one ticket. The engineers tell them, "watch and learn".
    When they get on the train the lawyers take their seats and the engineers both go into the bathroom. when the conductor comes by he knocks on the bathroom door and says "ticket please". so an engineer hands out a ticket.
    The lawyers think this is pretty clever so they decide to do that on the way back.
    --after the meeting---
    The two laywers and the two engineers are heading back from new york. the lawyers buy one ticket but the engineers dont buy any. The lawyers ask how they expect to get back without any tickets. The engineers say, "watch and learn".
    When they get on the train the lawyers get in one bathroom and the engineers get in another. After a few minutes one of the engineers get out of the bathroom. He goes to the bathroom that the lawyers are in, knocks and says "ticket please"

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