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  1. i have designed my own grow cabinet and it is almost all up and running, minus one problem i recently ran into. i have no way of getting power into the box without disturbing its lightproof quality. does anyone have any suggestions on how to get power into the box?
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    Any number of ways:

    - Cut a hole only as big as you need, pull cords through, stuff black cloth all around them where they pass through the hole.

    - Use pvc pipe and two 90 degree bends, spraypaint the insides of these pices flat black, put one bend on the outside and one on the inside to form a S or C shape, fish wires through.
  3. that's easy. Drill a hole and run your power. Now at just about any hardware store they sell this stuff that is like a spray foam insulation. It comes out of an aeresol can and you fill the area desired. It will expand out a little bit and after a very short time it gets solid. I've used it to fill in areas of a wooden garage on our property when a mouse chews a hole in the side or something.

    like this...
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    sounds like it would work, i just need some black cloth now

    EDIT: i have a few pairs of old black socks that i dont use, maybe i can utilize those

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