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Energy Drinks

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Face McPalm, Aug 19, 2008.

  1. Anyone else get a nice buzz if you slam down an energy drink like NOS or Full Throttle, then follow up with a bowl/joint?

    Makes me feel real fucking good.
  2. i normally drink them after idk why but theyre awesome

    full throttle is the best :smoking:
  3. NOS > Full Throttle.
  4. Hell yeah dude. I recommend orange rockstars, NOS, and the red full throttle. So amazing.. all so fruity!
  5. get out of my thread

    o wait :smoking:
  6. Lolz.
    I just pewp'd.
  7. #8 Face McPalm, Aug 19, 2008
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 19, 2008

    I've sneezed so hard that I shit myself.

    True story.
  8. i love either NOS, Black jax (not low carb), bawls, or spike.
    only spike and black jax do anything for me.
    caffine + kush = heaven for games though ;)
  10. ^hilarious. that is all.
  11. Energy drinks don't do anything for me.
    I used to drink them all the time... but now I only drink an occassional Blue Demon for the flavor.
  12. [​IMG]

    This stuff is basically crack in a can; without the health risks, addiction, or comedown. It's a bit hard to find though.
  13. Drop some Pro Plus or proper legal pills from your headshop and spliff up that shit is crazy... My local headshop is sell alsorts...

  15. Monster Khaos
  16. Why was this moved to apprentice tokers?
    What the hell does this have to do with apprentice toking?
    I've been smoking for a long time.
    Who do I bitch to about this?
  17. hahhahaha, you gotta take it to the office.lmao, its upstairs where all the cigars and money is. lol, good luck with em budging.
  18. the only energy drink i like is sparks and its 8% alcohol and tastes semi good its pretty much amazing

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