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endocet mixed with pot

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by toketillyachoke, Dec 15, 2003.

  1. Im siting down here wondering if its a good idea to take endocet when your high. its a Oxycodone just waqnt to here options i thinkits a good idea and im about to do it
  2. mmmm yummmy.

    im my oxycodone days i always found the mix was MIRACULOUS. haha infact i find the oxycodone high to be almost identical to a pot high, only more ddddrrrrooooonnnneeeeddddd out hahah.

    Do it! Itll fight any nausea accompaning the ocs....
  3. two weekends ago i had my wisdom teeth out and i was givin painkillers w/ Oxycodone in them and that alone got me messed up enough. but i can never turn down free weed so i smoked w/ my friend when i was already on the painkillers and it was definitely the highest ive been in a very long time, maybe all year. So i definitely recomend you should try it, even though im not sure if it's safe or not, but i lived through it.
  4. just poped tw0 so hopefully nothing happens

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