Ending the Summer Right( KB Style)

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    Well This summer has been alright, I guess broke up with my girl(that is kinda fixed) took a month and a half t-break and because of it got a strait up CHRONIC hookup for an unheard of 35$ an eighth(well im sure it is heard of). But to the point.

    I get out of my Soccer game on weds, We crushed them 5-1( i had 2 goals and an assist ) so im feeling pretty good. And i go home and eat some BBQ and then head to my boys house to chill. Well my EX- calls me and says she is at the high school track( directly behind my boys house) and that she is stranded with her Gorgeous Friend and they cant go to there friends house for like 3 hours and they don't feel like going to her house. So me and my Friend decide to talk a walk over to the track.

    We get to the track and both my ex ( quite the looker ) and her friend are in tank tops and mini skirts and this is where i know this is going to be one of the best nights of summer. So we go on top of the Bleachers to the press box and i climb on top and open the hatch to where they video tape and climb down and open the door so everyone can get in and climb up. We proceed to pull out the surprise we brought a 2.5 g wet mango blunt of some Mango Kush. We smoke that with the girls and just are chillen and we decide we want to do something.

    Well across the street from my house is an abandoned Mattress warehouse (went out of business 2 months ago). And fortunately i know of an unlocked window. So we head there i go in through the window and unlock the door. We proceed to build a SWEET-tastick Mattress house that is about 8 feet tall and has 6 rooms. Well I lay down in one of the rooms (i decided everyone of them was a bedroom) with my ex's friend and my boy does the same in another of them with my ex. About 40 min later i yell over to see if there ready to maybe go to the beach. So we go to the beach only about 4 min from my house and we first play on one of the most bad ass playgrounds i have ever seen. Then we head for the water, Everyone strips down.( at this point we have all seen each other naked so its no big deal) And head for the water. We go out to where it is just above the girls chests and then my boy always thinking decided chicken would be a good idea( i concurred ) Got my shit wrecked in that ( he is about 40lbs more then me and the starting running back for our football team), but in the end when a naked girl is on your shoulders....you win.

    It seemed like as soon as the girls got off our shoulders the police roll by and shine right next to us in the water and there Rollin real slow so we all go under water real fast and when the light is off our section of water come up. well my ex's friend said she was cold and my ex knowing i have a hot tub suggests we head to my house. But at this point the only dry cloths the girls have to wear are bra's and panties so i dont want to just bring them in the front door at 2 am and risk my mom flipping shit, so we park next door at a nursing home and creep into my back yard. well the staff of the nursing home was on break and saw us creeping in my back yard and called the cops.

    Were chillen in the tub for like 25 min and then i see a spot light move across my backyard and 2 cop cars pull up right next to my car. So i jump out and try to run over there and talk to them before they come in my yard and get my dog barkin and my parents woke up. They tell us that the employees next door thought we were intruders and we made a scare blah blah blah. Ask's me my name ect..... and what were up too. I personally know this cop ( play soccer with his son) and i tell him that is it me and my boy and were chillen with some ladies and he says can he come check it out just to see if were drinkin and i say well the ladies are not quit dressed to standards and he then says well looks like we have done all we can do here and his assisting officer was like WTF (not really) and wanted to check it out, but my friends dad was like lets roll.

    we went back to my boys house and me and my ex's friend took the guest room and my boy and my ex headed to his room.

    So in the end i hooked up with a Gorgeous Girl, was high as fuck(being as it was the first time i smoked in a month) and had two spotless run in's with the po after winning a soccer soccer game.

    I would say quite the finish to a summer.

    Thanks for readin if you did.
  2. lucky you. you cant beat tag teaming like that
  3. Tell me about it, prolly the best summer night. The saying save the best for last is so sweet. But im at my bro's right now and smokin a half in the hookah as we speak ..... So tonight is alright......
  4. Im bumpin once took me awhile to write...
  5. Dam good work my boy. Dam good.
  6. Sounds like you had a blast my man.
  7. Good times man
  8. Not even, it was a blasty blast.
  9. Gotta love those day's..

    It seems you get pussy when its most unexspected :).
  10. damn dude you had a bomb day.
  11. Probably one of the best of my life, except my ex spazzed on me today.
  12. it always awesome when shit just falls into place, especially hangin with friends, females, and of course the smoke to put it all into perspective. LOL I come in here read shit like this and just remenice(SP) about what it was like back in the day :metal:

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