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Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by ptrckroe, May 15, 2006.

  1. On Saturday the history channel ran "A History of Omens" all day long. It was about the apocolypse and bilbical prophesy and shit. It got me thinking, and I think it's entirely possible that the world could end in my lifetime. Just wondering what you guys think.
  2. yeah, human race may not dissapear completely, there could be survivors. But something still could happen that could change the world completely
  3. If that is the destiny of the universe, then so be it, the survival rate for everything is zero anyway. Grapes last about a week, humans last about 75 years, I would assume that the universe will last a while, but not forever.
  4. I bet this planet will be relieved when it finally gets rid of us. Kind of like a dog who finally scratched off all of his flees.
  5. lol
  6. humans are just a complex form of bacteria. our cities are cancer. the machines are the cure!!!!
  7. the way i see it, were in for one hell of a ride. im ready, are you!? i wanna be ontop of a mountain overlooking miles in every direction, fat zip in hand when the Earth "ends"
  8. im pretty sure technology is going to keep advancing exponentially for the next few hundred years, and by then we, as the human race, will have figured out how everyrthing works... thats when the universe ends.
  9. No, I don't see the world ending any time soon and there is no way that the human race will ever figure out everything and then die out. Natural occuances will not permit us to gain that kind of technology. It is inevitable that we get to a level of technology and then there will be some kind of disaster that will whipe out the current technology and we will have to star back from the begging. It has happened in the past and it will happen again. The asteriod that killed that dinosarus and the Roman and Egyptian empires are examples. We still do not know exactly how the pryamids were built. Given those examples it is clear to that human kind will bounce back most of the time becasue it is human nature to survive but not all the time. The human race will die out someday, maybe tommorow (not likely) or eons from now but it will happen.

  10. That´s why I blaze everyday......:hello:
  11. Don't worry, I'm sure our politicians will think of a solution to save us all.
  12. I think that the world ending is a load of bullshit..But still if the world was going to end it would happen over a period of time not on one day and really guys are you going to belive what the people say. The world isen't going to end and if it does end I'll be blazing with my friends.
  13. you should all read up on global warming, they say it is possible
  14. Yea..That I know can happen but not in my time or something maybe, maybe not. Doesn't matter to me..

  15. haha i can see it happening right now.....

    "we've finally done it, we have figured out how everything works.":hello: :hello: KAAAAAAAABBBBOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMM!
  16. there is new evidence that the hole in the ozone is reversing (getting smaller) though it will never be the same as it once was. There is supposed to be an ice age soon, though i wonder what the effects of global warming will play on this "ice age". Move south of the north american border is in order, which is what happened in The Day After Tommorow. I think the aliens will come and sort us out, either get rid of us all together or tell us how to make things work without fucking things up like we have done for centuries. I think once all natural resources have run out (about 200 years to go or something like that) we will have to resort to tearing down what we have once built to reuse for a better purpose or try and make an environmentally friendly power source which will never run out. The human race will deminish eventually.. there are definately millions of ways which this could happen which means we never know when it will happen.
  17. Zombies.

    Seriously. Motherfucking zombies.

    I'm ready though. don't worry.
  18. i was thinkin about this awhile ago, what aboot zombie dinosaurs. i think we'd be pretty much fucked then. unless they only want to eat dino brains. but still zombie dinos.
  19. zombie dinosaurs would be fucking nuts.

    i think that the world will finally end when everyone stops and finally realizes that the world does NOT revolve around them (of course this, sometimes, includes me...just like everyone else). while they will be perplexed at this, there will be peace and silence. i think the world will not end in a blaze, but in peace. a slow, silent demise.
  20. A lot of people say they can predict the end of the world, or natural disasters is general. Just like the guys at savelivesinmay.com did. But where's the fucking tsunami SAVELIVESINMAY.COM!?

    The Mayans (i think) predicted it in 2012, but they smoked a lot of pot so who knows.

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