end of the world?

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  1. I'm watching Seeking A Friend For The End Of The World and it made me think. What if we actually did know for sure the day the world was going to end and it was going to be in 3 weeks. No one would live. What would you do with your last 3 weeks? How do you think the world.would react?
  2. people would likely lose their shit and throw all caution to the wind by having random stranger sex, spending all their money and insulting everyone they hate one last time.
    I would pick a nice spot on my front porch to smoke up and watch natural selection take place 8)
  3. Find a nice open meadow near a pond with a good view of the sky sit down and smoke up.

    The rest of the world would go into panic, and the Rich and Powerful would be trying to get into space.
  4. Burn, pillage, loot.
  5. I would be consumed by hopelesness for not getting a chance at making the world a better place such as stop the gov controlling us and freeing the human race From Its master, currency (money)
  6. I would party until the world ended 8)
  7. Smoke weed and go looting for awhile live the last couple of weeks like a crazy movie setting city's on fire and shit
  8. go to my local bar steal a keg and go chill with the family
  9. Shit. The posts you make when high
  10. Complete chaos and anarchy... And I would be all up in it

  11. Wow that was hilarious. Like youre gonna make a difference hahahahahhaahhahah that actually put a smile on my face thank you for that.
  12. I wouldn't tell anyone except maybe my mother and father so they could enjoy their last days, I don't know of anyone who would take that news exceptionally well. I would smoke every second I could, enjoy the hell out of my baby boy while I could, and love my husband into the ground.

    But really we should be doing that stuff anyways, life can be gone in an instant, unexpectedly, and harshly.
  13. Find my best friend of 12 years go sit on his roof smoke it up and enjoy the view
  14. Try to lose that extra 5 pounds......been bugging me for years...

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