End of the world Dream.

Discussion in 'General' started by Chronic Blood, Aug 13, 2011.

  1. Hello all, been a while since I've hit the forum.

    I'm stoned as hell and thought I'd share a strange Dream of mine that might be worth a read. And before I start, please know that I'm not a superstitious person and I don't believe in 2012 end of the world crap.

    I got high last night, and went to bed around 1am. Got to sleep pretty quickly. Now all I remember from the dream is that I was looking out my window (North facing skylight kind of thing, My room is like a loft/attic thing in the roof) And the moon was huge and dark, it had large cracks that made huge crevasses going into what looked like magma, or something very hot. Parts of the moon were breaking off and it was obviously dying. Then, it just dropped out of the sky... just went. The moon was dead. Now the odd thing was that it was extremely cinematic, and detailed. It was actually kind of traumatising. If anyone has seen a movie called 'The time machine'... theres a scene were he goes into the future somewhat and the moon was dying, and falling apart, there was sheer terror among everyone. I think the dream was channelling that a bit, but I'm not sure.

    Now even weirder is that I very rarely remember my dreams, and even moreso when I go to sleep stoned. So it felt like something special.

    Now it gets weirder with what happened the following night. I had this strange 'vision' you might call it. So this is on saturday evening, 13/08/11. I just got home from smoking up at a mates place and I'd just finished taking a leak. I was thinking about 2012 or something like that and then in my head I just saw an image of the world, like the image on the 2012 Movie cover. And in front were the numbers '1408'. Clear as anything, thats definitely what I saw. Now coincidence... Thats the date of today (its 2:07am 14/08/11 In sydney right now) But then it was the date of tomorrow. It was a bit creepy.

    Once again, it doesn't change my mind that the world will live on past 2012 but it was kinda weird. This is all honest, I didn't make any of it up. Let me know what you think.

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