End of the road

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  1. http://www.endoftheroadfilm.com/

    Looks like it will be an interesting film. Probably won't have anything new in it that most of us don't already know but maybe this could be what it takes to get the general public's attention.

    Also, Peter Schiff!
  2. looks like just what the american public needs right now, getting hit smack dab in the face with some cold hard facts.

    We can't keep borrowing money forever, one day the creditors will come a-knocking.

    Unless of course we invade them with our military first (much more likely).
  3. Why couldn't I be born 800 years ago....
  4. or just blow all the credit card company records to hell!!!q
  5. Infinite money equals infinte prosperity!!!???!?!?

    Come one come all special interest groups!
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  7. Peter Schiff interviewed the creator of this film on his radio show a while back. Looks pretty epic. Hopefully it has an impact on the mainstream.

  8. That's good, it means there's a shitload of people watching this trailer. The sheeples are becoming aware it seems!:hello:

  9. Wow a couple hours later and this bandwith limit is still exceeded..

  10. Yeah I don't think the guy expected to be on the front page of Zerohedge and the tens of thousands of views that came with it.

    Here's a bonus scene I found with G. Edward Griffin (author of Creature from Jekyll Island):

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IEuWiTuPgg4]G Edward Griffin on the financial crisis and individual freedom - YouTube[/ame]

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