end of tbreak: interesting day

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  1. so i ended my first tbreak today. it was 3 weeks, not that long but it felt mad long. the last time i smoked was on 420 and before that i smoked erreday for a year. i also finished my last exam today (grad school) so it was good timing to start toking again

    so i decide to pick up after my exam. i live in the caribbean right now and the pickup spots are all sketchy and its basically like the hood. since all the dealers sell in the same locations (but they have their own turf), its not necessary to call like in the states and canada. its sort of a different system here. you just basically show up and you leave with a smile, i have never had any problems before

    today i looked for my usual dealers (i have 2) but i couldnt seem to find them so i decided to buy from this other niggga although he looked kinda creepy. we decide on half O for 40 ec which is about 16 us. (this was my special deal with my dealers since i dont buy grams but the usual price is 1 gram for 5 ec.) he comes back with the bud and its clearly not a half O and i tell him that and we start to argue back and forth. there is no scale so whatever. it looked a lttle more than a quarter like about 8 grams which is the usual price. (8x5=40ec) i put the bud in my pocket cuz i was gonna buy it anyway, i didnt care if he was trying to trick me since i couldnt find other dealers, but i just wanted more bud out of the deal... so we continue to argue about the amount of weed and then he gets pissed. he grabs my backpack and says pay me... and im not tryna get stabbed by no negro so im like alright shit ill pay you. so i take my money out and he snatches all of it and i had like 240 ec... im like yo give me my money back so he gives me back 200. great, hes gonna keep the 40 for the weed... so now im pissed and im arguing with him more... commotion starts, other dealers on the block start coming out to find out whats happening. they say its fucked and not to buy from him anymore (obviously) he says that i can smoke 8 joints with that weed, he fucked up he just told me he sold me 8 grams for 5 bucks which = 40 ec. i argue with him some more to give me more bud. he goes to the back to get me a handful, i grab that shit, dont even look at him, dont say thanks, and just leave... in the end i got the better deal even though it wasnt my special deal. im proud to say that i handled the situation very calmly, didnt feel excited or threatened, there is no need for violence or injury... i love caribbean people and i love black people but some kids on the block are grimey as hell god damn lol

    after i came home my boy dan hits me up and hes like yo we are going to the beach, come thru and im like fasho... so me dan and tank chill at the beach for the day and we smoke. its a fuckin wednesday so no one is on the beach. we throw bread in the water and a massive pool of fish come thru, its crazy, seeing so many fish. after the beach i come home and shower and eat a meatball sub and i smoke some more and i was just thinking about the day and laughing to myself at how everything went down, life throws curveballs sometimes

    the nights still young i dont plan on crashing yet im smoking more and im mad high :smoke:

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