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  1. I'm not feelin dem subs mane, but imma watch
  2. Interesting.
  3. That was way more interesting than I expected. It made me think about how much farther our minds are evolved from our bodies. And if we can ever evolve pass the need for a body, or if we will ever be able to more efficiently use our mind and body as one.
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    ^ when we reach singularity you can live forever and most likely put your consciousness into a higher power computer than our brains to surpass human capabilties.
    I'm intj also here.
  5. Honestly, I don't know if I like the idea of not having a body, but then again without it I would be connected to  everything and everybody. So I think I would get over it.
  6. Idk man it's hard for people to give up their identity and self to be part of a collective. It's scary to lose that sense of being yourself. I could get over it considering i could be slammed into a comp 10x more advanced then our brain and i'd use that to find a biological host in the universe to inject myself into. Then i'd have the intellect and a very strong body. I've thought about it a bit :p
  7. True I didn't think about losing my sense of self. However, at that advanced
  8. True I didn't think about losing my sense of self. However, at that advanced of a level wouldn't the next natural step I'm evolution be to lose our body?
    Yeah, but we would probably still need something to manipulate our enviroment with.
    So your old body would be replaced with something much more awesome or powerful.
    Possibly both.
  10. Damn that's the second time it glitched and double posted, sorry for that.
    And to address your comment, our body can not become better unless it evolves. Such is our dilemma now, having evolved vastly mentally. But halted physically, we are actually closer to De-evolving when it comes to our current physical state.
    Haha, no problemo man.
    Yeah but it's possible that in the future we would find a way to upload our consciousness onto databases. From there we would be able to make robot bodies for ourselves to pull all kind of shenanigans on other less developed races.
  12. Yea that's actually pretty possible, but I don't know how I would feel about being in a robot body.
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    Personally, I wouldn't care. As long as I'd be happy with the contents of my personality, I wouldn't mind having a stronger body.
  14. Yea but your throwing away part of who you are, part of your identity.
    I don't see my body as a part of my identity. I see it as merely a vessel that I use to "manipulate" my enviroment with.
    Do you consider your body to be a part of who you are?
  16. Absolutely, I'm use to my body and how it moves and acts and I like it. Sure I could get over it, but since this is my natural body I don't think I would want to. This is how I was made, for whatever reason. If I had a mechanical body I would no longer be human. To me that means something.

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