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  1. Omg. I can't stand my mom. You can't confront her about anything or else she'll freak out and start crying and go all emo.

    I was trying to sleep this morning and her dog is fucking whining at my door. I take it outside and it just sits there. Doesn't wanna go piss or shit or anything. I take it back in and it just keeps whining at my door. I take it in to my mom's room and close the door so I could finish my sleep. I am very protective of my sleep.

    I wake up 30 minutes later and walk out and the dog is chewing the shit outta the bottom of the door! WTF!? I clean taht shit up and notice she clawed the shit outta the back door.

    This is not the first problems we've had with this dog. What else has she done?

    She's chewed OFF the front door. She's chewed through a cage. She's shit in my sister's room when she lived in her townhouse ALL the time (wouldn't want to be walked...just went in and shit) She's killed somebody else's dog and my crazy mom wouldn't believe her. The dog has injured multiple other animals and is just insane.

    I think the dog needs to be put down. I am an animal lover, don't get me wrong.

    So I confront my mom about what happened this morning and she sighs and goes...well...(this is amazing...just the fact that she thinks it's this...it's just...WOW) there is a gym teacher at the day time daycare (for like kids to preteens) and when she hears his voice she gets all crazy. Yeah...I know...crazy.

    So I'm like...wtf are you talking about? Stop trying to justify everything she does. She's a bad dog. Take responsibility for her actions and do something.

    Her: Oh find I'll just put her down! (poutty "i want my way" face) She's seriously like a little fucking kid. She cries over everything. I love her to death, but I can't stand her.
  2. wow, that is an odd situation. I have always heard about things like this but never actually met a mom like that. Sure i have met a few cooky aunts(not calling your mom cooky or anything) that are like that but i dont know, never heard a mom acting like that

    i'm not sure i could handle going through my mom doing that kind of stuff
  3. If you had a child that got in fights, and was a bully, would you put down your child?

    What is the difference with a dog? It's another living life which noone has the right to play god over. The best thing is to have your mother recognize the situation, and then prevent occurance, such as don't place the dog around other animals.
  4. But little kids don't eat doors and shit on your carpet.
  5. That's completely unfair though. I want a dog but am afraid of getting one because of her dog. Her dog's insanity should not be imposed upon other animal's rights or other people's property. We have tried working with the dog. She just doesn't listen and does whatever she wants. My mo spoiled her for her whole life. Feeds her junk food and scraps from the dinner table.

    A little kid can learn though. Learn that that isn't ok. This dog...can not learn. Just can't. It won't listen. And considering that the dog has put people's and animal's lives at jeopardy and has killed another person's dog and has destroyed people's property...then yeah...we do have the right to decide whether the dog lives or dies.

    I'm not the only one who feels this way. My friends all agree and so do my two older sisters and my mom's boyfriend.
  6. Just take the dog to a humane shelter - they won't put her down and perhaps someone with better experience and dog training can help her out. In the mean time, console your mother with your new and well-trained pup. :D
  7. what kind of dog is it ? did the owner of the dog that got killed call the cops or anything?
  8. :hello: ROFL :hello:

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