Eminem talking about some witch from the hood that molested him or someshit lol

Discussion in 'General' started by ondrugz, Oct 8, 2007.

  1. i dont know what the hell to call this video, em is talking about some witch in the projects that slipped X in his drink and tryed to molest him and shit, he's drinking and smoking but im pretty sure he's on some kind of hullicinegens too

    "Dont fuck with the fucking witch man!!!!!!!!!" hahahaha

    shits crazy, check it out
  2. wtf???

    just what the fuck man

    that kid cant handle the drugs even on E I would have kept that bitch off me

    shady is a pussy ass bitch
  3. Let us rephrase that... "I have a high tolerance and anyone who does not have the tolerance I have is a pussy ass bitch".

    :p lol

  4. yeah totally

    lol naw even my first time doing molly I could have kept that hoe off me shady is one pusssssssssss
  5. Coulda been GHB
  6. It was either an act, he was on something at the time telling the story, or she gave him something more than E.
  7. whole thing seems fake to me, i think its just a joke...
  8. WOW that guy is soooo cool. I want to meet the "hip-hop" witch.

  9. The spelling at the end is TERRIBLE.

  10. i dont think its an act, Eminem is and was a crazy motherfucker

    its sounds like he's just tring to vividly describe a weird acid trip or something

    either way "Dont fuck with the witch man" is classic comedy in my book
  11. LMAO, its so weird that this got posted here because i was surfing youtube last night and watched this its fuckin crazy. "You followin me man" like 10 times over.
  12. That's fucking awesome.

    "Basketball fingers." "Yeah, basketball fingers."

    I don't care, if it's an act, or if it's because he's a lightweight, or maybe he's just one sick jackass. It's pure gold.
  13. You gotta check out his video on youtube, of the Interview in A'dam. That fool was RIPPED.
    He goes, "Never get me high and let me do an interview again"
  14. lmao aint seen this in a few years, shits hilarious
  15. On imdb theres a movie called da hip hop witch starring eminem...its a blair witch ripoff this was prolly promo for that shit
  16. any1 got a link for this? ive searched but cant find the vid on youtube :confused:
  17. Post it. I wanna see that shit.
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  19. yall are stupid hes talking about when he sold his soul to the devil. its called the illuminati, search upp its scary

  20. You're the one who bumped a 4 year old thread....

    BTW, that whole video is a joke. He was kidding around.

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