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  1. I was just surfing around and I found the official tracklist to Eminem's upcoming cd "The Eminem Show." Slim Shady fans enjoy.

    01. Curtains Up Intro 0:29
    02. White America 5:24
    03. Business 4:11
    04. Cleaning Out My Closet 4:57
    05. Square Dance 5:23
    06. The Kiss Skit 1:15
    07. Soldier 3:46
    08. Say Goodbye Hollywood 5:03
    09. Drips 4:45
    10. Without Me 4:50
    11. Paul Rosenberg Skit 0:22
    12. Sing For The Moment 5:39
    13. Superman 5:50
    14. Hailie's Song 5:20
    15. Steve Berman Skit 0:33
    16. When The Music Stops 4:28
    17. Say What You Will 5:09
    18. 'Till I Collapse 4:57
    19. My Dad's Gone Crazy 4:27
    20. Curtain's Close Outro 1:01
  2. just b4 ne1 decides2 download ne of them tracks off kazaa, i thought id let u know, the tracks on kazaa are all looped 4 sum reason, so make sure u note the length, if u find the legth of the track u r after is the same as the 1 listed then u shud hav the real track to download!!
  3. I already have the full cd..HEHEHEH

    Yippey meeee..lol

    I'm kinda dissappointed in it.. not what I expected.

    it's cool tho

    peace dawg
  4. whats some good hip hop to blaze to? except eminem. i know about him already. im talking about good beats and good rhymes, rapped well.
  5. if you're talking about real hip hop.... check out-

    Cannibal Ox (oh.. so good... so so good)


    The Roots

    They'd have to be my poisonal favorites at the moment.
  6. If you like Eminem, you should check out some Royce da 5'9". They have a similar sound and rapping style. Also check out Mr. Lif. His newest song Home of the Brave is amazing when ur stoned.

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