Eminem is not that great

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  1. Am I the only one who thinks this? Sure he can rap but there are many MANY more that can rap better. His lyrics lack content. I used to listen to him and looking back all it is, is bitching. Hes the freaken emo of the rap world. He is seriously overrated
  2. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CtRbEgoTqQs]YouTube - Eminem - Infinite[/ame]

    Old eminem.

    The true eminem.

    Got respect for him for this song, tis ill
  3. Yeah, hes really overrated in my opinion. Some of his older songs are decent, but i think some of his crazy freestyles that Ive heard are where he truly shines. Like this for example: [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zw3j4fJq5P4]YouTube - Eminem - Freestyle ( fuckin crazy )[/ame]
  4. The first 2 albums were authentic and honest.

    Everything since then has been absurd and pathetic.
  5. I agree. Maybe it's just me, but his voice is annoying. He sounds like he is whining. I don't really like how he is trying to do all this dark, killing shit and bringing it on MTV.
  6. He's always been overrated in my book. I think he's good but its crazy when people call him the greatest ever. The fact that he's white held him back in the beginning but when people realized he had skill him being white got him more respect. Also the crazy ass stuff he says keeps him in peoples minds.
  7. He may not be the best but he deserves that title 100 times more than Lil Wayne. I think he is better than 99 percent of the other main stream rappers imho though.
  8. Really its because he got picked up by MTV. He got shot into the mainstream and he was something new. We had Vanilla Ice which bombed but a good white rapper? Yeah the shock factor did make him popular with the kids. Ironically ICP was the same but wasnt mainstream. I have no doubt that Em would have joined ICP at one point.

  9. They have (or had) hugeeeee beef, man.

    Look it up on youtube, diss tracks left n right.
  10. I give you that. I give it the fact that he only raps about himself and shit related to him...

    Imagine is he rapped about politics and things more objective??

  11. The story on that is when Em was still underground, he was handing out flyers for his show. ICP was listed as "maybe". Em gave the flyer to ICP and they were insulted he put their name down without asking first. Apparently this was his way of asking. ICP declined and Em was butthurt, thus starting the whole feud. Em launched the first attack by dissing them on stage with a few mockup dolls.

    So Em at one point did like ICP and if it went a little different, he probably would be rapping with them instead
  12. I have a soft spot for the Marshal Mathers LP because that album is what got me into rap music all together. Unfortunately he started to decend after that. I didn't mind the Eminem show but after he brought D12 back with that "My Band" song I stopped listening to him all together.
  13. that bush is pussy line is hilarious
  14. I enjoyed him back in the day, but then every new song he came out with was a "dance" rap song so I stopped listening.
  15. I really think infinite was his best work. But he was criticized for sounding too much like Nas. So in order to make a huge splash in the industry and to find his own style, he had to be very graphic and crazy with his songs.

    I know he had problems, but I think he played it out a little too much b.c. he needed to get noticed. His style on infinite wouldnt have made him as successful if he stuck with it b.c. he was white.
  16. I think everybody agrees Eminem's early shit was solid, but everything past slim shady show was terrible. I don't think he's emo because that fool did have some crazy shit going on when he first got into the game, but now that psychopath persona isn't cutting it anymore. He's still a great freestyler and Stan is a briliant song, but he's been overrated for sometime. I personally think D12 is whack as fuck(even tho proof and kuniva had skills), but remember all the hype that was around him just because he was white.
  17. Yep he's right about the fued. Dunno if Eminem ever made a whole diss track towards ICP, but here's the song ICP did to diss Em. And his old lyrics were good, but then it's like the mainstream hype got with him.

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z-YbF8h735o]YouTube - Insane Clown Posse - Eminem Ain't Nothing but a Bitch Thang[/ame]

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0fXCF2RLAcs]YouTube - insane clown posse - Slim Anus[/ame]

    Not trying to make this ICP vs Eminem but just thought I'd share.

    Now get back on topic of Eminem. Only song I like by him is Kim.
  18. Psha psha fuck that shit. Eminem > Every other main steam rapper I've ever heard.
  19. Angry eminem is the best, when he puts his mind to the game then his lyrics n wordplay r just insane. Too bad he doesnt have that fuel like he used to, but im still lookin forward to Recovery. Relapse was wack.
  20. I could not disagree more, Eminem is easily top ten. Slim Shady LP and Marshall Mathers LP are Hip-Hop classics and The Eminem Show was a good album.

    Encore and Relapse were both terrible but he has obviously realized the errors of his ways, as he has switched his style back and even mentions in his new single how the accents he was using were a mistake.

    If you think he has lost it, this is something relatively new by him:
    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=brYY3Dri7xw]YouTube - Eminem - Despicable Freestyle [HOT-2010][/ame]

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