Eminem in highschool

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  1. lmao @ lil jon
  2. lo, at eminem, ryan seacrest, and lil' john. good read bro
  3. [​IMG]

    Thank god he decided to wear heavy makeup all the time.
  4. lil jon takes the cake...yeeeeeeyyya
  5. lil....fucking...john..
  6. yeah man those lips are a fucking killer, how did they shrink?
  7. I think they started fucking around with people once prince got on there.

    And if that WAS lil jon back in the day... WOW.
  8. Thank you for this. I was skeptical that this link would be worth my time, and I'm glad to report it was. Thanks again.
  9. that explains why prince is so ballin at basketball, he was a straight up g.
  10. When i looked at Lil john, i laughed so hard i farted! hey reminds me of Psyduck if you have ever seen the pokemon cartoon (i have a little bro so sue me!)
  11. That picture of Prince had my sides splitting.
  12. lol


    game blouses
  13. wow at prince, ryan secrest and lil jon.

    prince is a fucking og
  14. Theres no way in hell that the first pic of lil jon is actually him. Judging by the nose, head size and lips.
  15. prince's photo is shocking that looks like 2 dif people/rofl at mm
  16. Shoot the J......SHOOT IT!!

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