Eminem Album Dropping in June

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  1. New song

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aI8KEkqLBzI]YouTube - Eminem - Fast Lane ft. Royce Da 5'9 (Bad Meets Evil)[/ame]

    Site that talks about Eminem joining up with Royce for an Album that'll be dropping June 14th. I don't know how many people on GC are Eminem fans, but this is pretty big news if you are.

    Eminem & Royce Da 5
  2. Bump. Very excited, thank you, sir.
  3. sounds balla, i'm down
  4. i will not buy it
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    note: watch high for best effect
    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HU4zR9JBUBE&feature=related]YouTube - You Are A Pirate with a layer added every second[/ame]
  6. I'm probably a bigger royce fan than I am eminem.

  7. I never heard of him before this song, but man he killed that haha. He has a nasty flow.

    It also sounds like the old shady flow is back.
  8. I'm a bigger fan of suicide than I am Eminem

  9. Never heard of him man.

    I've been an Eminem fan since I was in 6th grade. D12 and all that shit haha.

    Lately I've been more into Mac Miller. However, Recovery was one of his most mature albums so far in my opinion.

    Mind if I ask for a few good song names by Suicide?
  10. I think she meant the action of suicide rather than a rapper's name...
  11. Definitely excited, many thanks for the update

  12. Lol that actually didn't even occur to me. Now that you mention it, Suicide wouldn't be a half bad name for a rapper!
  13. I'm from Detroit so I have some huge Eminem/D-town pride.
    And as always, em killed it.
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    More songs by royce n em is called. "echo" and "writers block"

    IMHO, Royce is the only rapper that can look good next to eminem in a song.
  15. I haven't bought music since my Nsync CD at age 11... and even then mom paid for it.

  16. Really? :(
  17. well... I suppose not. :laughing: but it's close ;)
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    ok good thing you came back I was pretty much like :mad:

    then :confused:



    Em is the illest rapper in the game!

    His spits are more wicked than ever
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    meh im not buying it

    hes pushing 40 and fell right off since he made his "great return" in 09 best career move he coulda made was retire. He said in an interview in the late 90s.. "i just hope my life doesnt get too good cause then id run outta shit to rap about ..Then itll be love songs and 80s remixes" and thats what hes doing now.. fml

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