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  1. hey i posted this question on my grow journal but still noone has answered. our plants have grown too much and we've run out of space height wise. the plants are 2 weeks in to flowering. what should we do? also we've switched the hps with the fluorsescent because the fluorescent is much thinner. i didnt know if this was ok or not but nobody answered me in my grow journal thread and i didnt have time to wait for an answer, but what could be the consequences of this? are we fucked?

    theres pictures on our grow journal thread. please answer quickly i need to know before 9 tonight, when the lights turn on
  2. im a newbie to this but, i'd suggest keeping the hps, you'll get much better yield and quality opposed to cfl's.....as for space.....try bending them over or tieing them down...do this gradually and carefully..........i was reading last night on a forum if you tightly wrap chicken wire around the bottom of your main cola..in the last week or 2weeks of flowering...it secretes mass resin.....im GUNNA try it on one of my plants...

    good luck
  3. lol ,no your not fucked mate just a little experience for ya:)

    yeh as mr tangent says bend them back/around/down whatever way needed(carefully & gently) ,then tie them down, they are still subtle enough too bend ,plus get shot of the fluro & put the hps back in, even with your height issue just bend them over gently & tie them down,also as only in their 2nd week of flowering they will just be starting to bud up so the height of your plants will slow right down,which helps your situation.

    this will work mate.

    all the best:smoke:

    ps; future reference bud, a plant will at least double in size if not triple depending on strain when put onto flower.
  4. alright we'll try tying down tonight when the light turns on before we take the easy route and just switch to fluoro. i'll put up some pictures. thanks guys

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