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  1. If you don't have insurance and no cash, will they help you at an emergency room? I'm out of state for the holidays in California and my elbow is busted in half. I need a Dr to take an xray and tell me if I need surgery or if I just need a cast. Will they turn me down if I tell them I have no insurance and no cash? Can't they just give me a bill and I pay them in a couple weeks? I'm planning on going there tomorrow. I came out here with 1 grand but made some bad mistakes and now I'm broke. Thanks blades.
  2. Anyone have any idea?
  3. Yes.

    They'll just send you the bills in the mail.

    But best believe its going to cost well into the thousands.
  4. Oh well. Will they still mail the bills to me if I live in another state or should I give them my mom's address in this state? I can't help if it's a thousand bucks man. I need a xray bad
  5. Unless it's a very bad break, you won't be getting much orthopedic surgical advice from an ER doctor. They'll take a quick xray, stabilize you, maybe write you a script for some pain meds.
  6. Do you think the er is my best option? My mom's bf called his Dr and the Dr said it would cost like $200 to go to him :-\
  7. Go to the doctor man. Money shouldn't be a concern. Your arm could be really messed up for good if you don't go. I got a job and pay taxes I got your back bro!
  8. How serious is it? if it's a big deal they have to treat you, it's the law. But if you're short on cash, don't have an I.D. on you and tell them a fake name and address. They'll send the bill there and if you get caught just tell them you hit your head or you were in shock and there's nothing they can do.
  9. From what I can feel with my hand, I believe the bone has 1 fracture in it. I can still move my arm just fine but the area surrounding it is slightly swollen and a darker bruised color. I can easily feel the crack though. Luckily I don't think it's a real bad break or shattered pieces since I can still move my arm so hopefully I just need to immobilize my arm. You think so? I just hope they will be able to give me good advice in the er
  10. Give them your info so they can send you a bill later. When you check out be sure to tell the people at the checkout window you have no insurance and low income. A lot of the time they will have a low fee monthly payment plans. You can also ask about Charity program. If they offer it and you qualify, you won't get a bill or will get like small bill from the doctor. Hospitals send you two bills. One bill is for the time spent in the emergency room, and the second bill is from the doctor who will examine you.
  11. Okay. So, when I first get there and fill out the papers, if they find out I have no money and no insurance, they can't deny me help like xrays and an examination?
  12. No they won't deny you.

    I went to emergency room with no ID, no money, and no insurance before. I had to fill out a form while I was bleeding from my fucking head confused as shit. But yea, they took care of me and sent me a bill in the mail.
  13. Are you anywhere near LA?
  14. They can't deny you, don't worry about that. Go get that checked out!
  15. Get to tha choppa!
  16. GO TO THE ER! This is why you should learn spanish. Illegals get free help every day. That is not racist, it is reality. If you don't want a bill, take no ID, and make something up, just remember it. But, if you get refferral for surgery, the gig is up. I would just go and tell them you're broke with no insurance (pun intended). It's the reality for half of America. I pay taxes and have your back too. Get it looked at before it becomes a problem for the rest of your life.
  17. I'm in San Luis obisbo right now at my mom's
  18. If you feel like saving a few grand, you can always take a 3 hour trip to Olive View UCLA Medical Center in LA county. They will only charge a fraction of what a regular hospital will. They also perform surgeries if you require it.
  19. The emergency room has to accept anybody and everybody, regardless. I'm a grown man and went to the children's hospital ER once with no cash, no I.D. and no Insurance information. They'll take you in and have you fill out your address and then stick you with the bills. If you can go to your mom's bf's doctor, do that man, it sounds like a good price. Emergency rooms will stick you will all kinds of shit, like the bed you lied on, the convenience fee, cleaning fee, all kinds of shit. believe me, my sister keeps getting them. Don't get me started on fees for Xrays and so on...Good luck though, $200 sounds very very reasonable.

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