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Emergency Meeting Of All YFFF's!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by IGotTheCottons, Dec 3, 2003.

  1. quick! the purple people eaters have landed, and the attack of the pumpkin pies has begun!

    the cheese has grown fur and the nugs are in short supply!

    man your battle stations

    ignite bongs

    ignite bowls

    ignite blunts

    ignite bukkets

    grab munchies


    so where's all the YFFF's at anywayz?

    i mean... c'mon... last i remember we have taken control of the 'green' white house and are mass producing killer nugs and shooting eachother with this gun that makes people too stoned to move :D

    i forget what it's called though (stml)

    hey sid... how's the latest batch of nugs comin along?
  2. YFF Indy is present and accounted for! :wave:
  3. dont know what i am... but i do know i like STOOOONNNNEEEEEEEEDDDD!!!!!!! wooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!
  4. IGotTheCottons!!! Where you been? We've missed you!
    YFFF? What is YFFF? I'd be interested in joining, if positions are open. I could take the psotion of Extremely Bodacious Grand Poo-bah, unless, of course, it's already filled.
  5. Apparently smokinokie is grand pooh-bah. Shit.

    Oh, well, life goes on. *sigh*
  6. yfff outdoor grower present and counted
  7. OMG! Run for the hills!
  8. self proclaimed YFFF Nonsense Merchant reporting for sillyness.

    what's this gun you're talking about? can youshoot me with it? in the face.

    and lastly...

    what's going on?
  9. ready and reporting for doody

  10. norm's the YFFF poobah... but you can fill another position if you like.... just pick one :D

    and i've been about... mainly making an ass of myself
  11. hmm... tokin to p-funk here... but why? oh well, WE'RE GONNA TURN THIS MOTHA OUT!

  12. I would like the position of Honorary Ski Bum.

    YFFF Telluride Honorary Ski Bum Reproting for duty!
    My life for you!!!

    (btw, the snow sucks here, so I've been workin' overtime to get some cash together. Gotta get a new windsheild for my car. It's gonna cost me upwards of $300 bucks. Ah, well, shit happens.)
  13. dude, chances are you can be the OFFICIAL ski bum :D:D
  14. Its a weedinator, ffs!:) hehe

    Hempress the weed farie should clue'd ya in on that

    So what do I get to be? I dont like self-apointions..ya gotta elect me somthin...;)
  15. I nominate you...
    that guy...
    with the thing...

  16. The weed fairie, am I? Hehe.

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