Emergency: 14/27 Plants Dead. Help Me Save The Rest

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  1. This is an outdoor grow. I built a tent with the material that you use for windowscreen. This is the situation. I just panicked when I saw that of the 14 that were still alive, one died and 5 more are yellowing or browning. I found some insects on them because there was a leak in the shelter but the plants didn't appear to be gnawed on so I'm beginning to think its PH. The insects looked like tiny shrimp maybe twice the size of an ant. I had never seen these insects on the plants before. my mix is 40% peat moss 15% worm castings 40% organic potting soil (soon to be transfered to a fully organic soil mix that i have cooking.) I heard from Oldpork that peat moss can burn them. He recommended dolomite lime. I havent tended to my plants in 5 days due to a trip that I was going on but a friend of mine watered them 4 days ago, I felt the soil deep down and it was still wet so I don't think that was the issue. Also they haven't grown AT ALL since i last saw them 5 days ago. Some of them are really small looking as you will see in the pics. I don't know why I suck at this so bad. I have no idea what I am doing wrong. Please help me I invested 1.2k into this...If the leaves are brown 50% and green 50% are they saveable?  Here's the pics which I know are not the best but its the best quality I can get with my camera on my phone.
    \nWhat I want to know:
    \n-Firstly, is it possible to reverse the ones that are sort of brown? I know the one thats completely brown is fucked.
    -Secondly, what is wrong with them?
    -Third, how do I save them?
     -Are they doing alright for plants that are one and a half months old?
    \n\n\nTime is of the essence, the longer I don't take action, the more will die. I have no idea whats wrong. I have a ph tester that im gonna try tomorrow. 

  2. i posted in the sick plants and problems area and they gave me some shitty advice. hope someone knows how to save them here.
  3. Did your friend give them nutes? they look like they are nute burned. The one that is brown (1 pics i think) is fucked. its dead. Seems like your "partner" might have fuckd u here.
  4. Personaly I would have used some soil made for seedlings. Post a link to the organic potting soil you used. It looks like they got nute burned bad and if any do recover it will be a slow process. What are your outdoor temps during the day and night. and how the soil felt deep down there is a difference between feeling cool, moist, damp and wet. Are you sure it felt wet? Wet, moist and damp  soil will stick to your fingers cool or dry soil doesn't. If your plants do make it they may be stunted and not do much more. hate to say it but its not looking good or to hopeful.
  5. i didnt add nutes...only 40% organic potting soil 40% peat moss 15 % worm casting
  6. is there a soil i can buy for seedlings i can buy that can save these plants?
  7. Honestly, I don't want to be rude by saying this. 
    How the hell do you invest 1.2k on this and your not able to get a "weed" to grow. 
    You're plants are burned as fuck from something.  You were gone for 5 days, are you saying that they were 100% healthy when you left?  If so, you're friend probably fucked you. 
  8. sounds like your "friend" add'd nutes to your grow or pissed on your plants. 1.2k peso's? lol Most of the plants in the pics i seen are fried. Totally dead and not coming back to life.
  9. Sorry to read about your plants.  Regarding your questions:  yes, some could be salvaged, but it will take some time.   Here's what I think went wrong;  your plants look like they have been neglected for some time.  The soil has the appearance that it has not been watered for quite some time.  If you said you feel moisture, then make sure you have drainage holes at the bottom of your pots.  (read what Tplat wrote).   Take the pots out of the tent.  Most screens reduce the amount of sunlight reaching your plants by about 30 - 40 %.  To save what you have, I would start watering them with a diluted solution of an all-purpose fertillizer (I don't think they have a nute burn).  Give them at least 8 hours of sunlight.  As for your last question, no.  Plants that are one and a half months old should have their secondary and tertiary leaves with a height of about 8".  FYI - the bug shown in one of the pics is a wood louse (rolly polly, sow bug).  They are detritus feeders so no worry about them.  Here's my last bit of thought about this:  I know you hae spent some bucks already, but I would forgo making your own soil and try using a commercial soil mix (any kind).  Get some experiece first growing plants, then you can try making your own mixtures.  None of us are master growers the first time, so don't get too bummed out.
  10. how does 27 seedlings cost 1200 dollars !
    the look totally fried, take the tent off its too hot
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    I'm just a beginner and I have to agree with the others that said they dried out. Sucks man your buddy shoulda kept a better eye on them.
    I feel for you man I myself lost my first four I planted thankfully they were all autos and I have since decided they aren't worth a damn really. If you have more seeds man just start over and if you don't order some of the tudes upcoming June promotion and you will still have time for a nice crop. If I were you id do like someone else suggested and go buy premixed soil such as Fox Farms. You have so much invested already you gotta get some yield so sink some more cash in it. I corrected my mistakes from the first four and its going good bow you should do the same. Good luck.
  13. How much light are they getting? They look neglected in so many ways..

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