emachine upgrade, need help.

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  1. I am trying to upgrade my grandfathers emachine T2042 from the pos celeron processor it has now to a Pentium 4 processor. I specialize in Dell laptops so im not sure if the same applies to these emachines or not, but i found a processor with the same front side bus and the same socket type, is that all I need to look out for when buying a processor? I found this processor on ebay and I want to make sure its going to work...

    Intel Pentium 4 2.5GHz CPU 2.5 P4 478 512/400 Northwood - eBay (item 290436116851 end time Jun-15-10 14:35:25 PDT)

    The original chip is this by the way...

    Intel® Celeron® Processor Family 2 GHz - SL6HY
  2. High there I would think that chip would work but you should check the motherboard manual out to see which CPU's it will handle. You should be able to download the manual if you don't have one or view it online as you might have to change some of the jumper postions on the board. You might also have to update the bios.

    Good luck :wave:

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