Elmer's Glue

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  1. is it ok that i used elmers glue to hold the bowl the stem its not directly on the socket and it says non toxic on the bottle
  2. IMO: hell no!

    I really don't know though. What kinda bong is this?
  3. its a dual chamber bong i made it out of a water bottle sum pens n an empty shampoo bottle lmao
  4. just make a new one?

    i used to make homemades with bic pens and use a sneak-a-toke with it to hold on to the end. the mouthpiece worked wonders, yet too hot and plasticky taste comes thru. boo
  5. Elmers Glue holds paper and shit together. It's weak. And would melt easily with increased heat, if I were to guess. Resorting to glue and things that make you question whether it's ok or not is usually a bad idea.
  6. the socket is taped to a bottle cap and has a pen for the stem, the glue is only on the cap and pen do u think it will get hot enuff to melt and the glue says non toxic
  7. non toxic to eAt,

    not smoke hahahaha
  8. hot glue it
  9. This. Or just buy a pipe, which has zero potential to be toxic :wave:
  10. ya thats wat i was thinking after i made it lol
  11. just buy some glass. You can get cheap glass bongs for under $20.

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