ELmatic son!

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  1. Elzhi dropped this album/mixtape today. Available for free download at ELZHI.COM!! Cop this shit, you will not be disappointed. ELZHI pays homage to nas while incorporatin his own gritty detroit based rhymes over LIVE INSTRUMENTATION remakes of the original illmatic beats. This shit is free, and its awesome! Spread the word.

    He's got one of the tracks HALFTIME up on youtube, if your skeptical check it out.

  2. No love for elzhi? :cry:
  3. shit was aiiightttt

    the ideas kinda burnt after fashwan did ode to illmatic
  4. this shits pretty sick, not gonna lie.

    and Zar, what do ya mean?
  5. Agreed.

    I enjoyed the mixtape though.
  6. fuckin love Elzhi.

    the only thing that gets me mad is that we waited for this for like 2 years and its only 10 songs..coulda done a couple more.
  7. Memory lane, the world is yours and pete rock shout are my top 3 off this mixtape at the moment. And I agree whatever elzhis underrated as fuck. His track D.E.M.O.N.S is unreal. The second verse is a bunch of acronyms for demon. Guessin game is ill too. And his story telling on audio cinematic is so vivid
  8. [​IMG]

    fashawn killed el on this shit mang.

    el did his thang tho....just wasnt as fresh
  9. That's ur opinion dug, fashawns ill too but this threads about elzhi
  10. It is....I think anyone can clearly see that. I was just addressing Broosh, and stating why i didn't like Els project as much.
  11. please tell me he collabs with supastition on one of the songs
  12. Illmatic was only 10 songs though, he orders them just like Illmatic so 10 is fitting.
  13. Elmatic made me realize how much I was sleeping on eLZhi.. It seems like I've only been listening to him, Kendrick and Blu lately. This made me get Fashawn's Ode to Illmatic too, but eLZhi's version shits on it imo. Fashawn's version wasn't bad or anything, but eLZhi's flow, wordplay and storytelling was too good on this.. it honestly felt like I was listening to a Detroit Nas.
  14. i relistening to elmatic....i didn't like all the beat remixes...i got rid of those...but man that track with royce was sick.

    and i feel fashwan more maybe cause its the california version.

  15. I see what you're saying with the beat remixes. I liked them the first couple times through, but after some more plays I realized it was taking away from eLZhi's rhymes.

    The best part about this is it's like the real Illmatic.. my favorite song off of it keeps changing up. At first I liked Detroit State of Mind and Life's a Bitch most, but right now I'm stuck on the Genesis verse and Pete Rock Shout.
  16. i know but he could have threw in a couple "bonus" tracks or somethin.

    idk elzhi hardly ever drops new music and hes one of my favorite mc's..so wen he does..i guess 10 songs doesnt really tide me over.

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