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  1. Just thought I would introduce myself and talk a bit about my habits.

    My name is Allycion. I'm 29 years old and I live at home with my mom and brother. Brother is moving out next month so I finally talked mom into letting me bring my operation home and indoors. I've been contemplating ways to build a nice grow cabinet in the garage. I've already built a pc nursery to keep my next litter of baby girls in. I'm still researching strains and filtration and lighting. I have absolutely no experience growing indoors. I have been growing for my dad for years, outdoors, near some horse trails near my house. It's always been pretty organic. I basically just saved my seeds from the bags we bought, germinated them in moist cotton balls in an Altoids tin in my bra for a few days, planted them in the woods and fertilized with horse manure that I scooped up in a bucket when I would visit the site.

    About my dad... He had cancer. In Kentucky we can't grow legally. Keeping him in pot was getting a little pricey on my minimum wage job and his fixed income. We came up with the idea of our secret garden on day when we were in the area fishing together. Basically packed up our tackle and walked the trails till we found just the right spot. He unfortunately pasted away last October and I'm only just now thinking about planting another crop.

    My most used piece is my Green Bay Packers spoon. My favorite is a 30" tall hookah table that I built in pieces in shop class. I greatly prefer bowls over paper. I can't roll for shit. I hate the way all blunts taste. I love making edibles and have a lot of recipes for delicious snack foods. I'm very much a foodie and am going to school for culinary arts so I'm always in the kitchen adding a little herbs to my munchies.

    If anyone has any advice about strains, lighting, ventilation, and fertilization please let me know.

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