Ello from Charleston SC

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  1. Just moved to the Charleston area recently. My husbands in the Navy so him and his friends obviously can't toke (as much as they want to heh) but I'm tired of staying clean just because they have to.

    From what i've heard it's not a hard city to find it in but I've always been sketchy about just going downtown to a random coffee shop trying to sniff some out or something

    Since I'd feel bad smoking around my husband and his navy guys, finding someone to toke with from time to time would also be nice ;)
  2. i live in charleston myself. and yeah buds not to hard to find. ppl are usuly nice. just watch who you talk to. you never know
  3. Welcome Ello. Strange as it might sound I too have had similar deliemmas. The cure is growing it yourself. Would be a good way to stay occupied while hubby is away. Very fun hobby. If he happens to spot your babies tell him they are Orchids or something like that. You would most likely be the hit of the coffee shop and make toker friends quickly.

  4. Would love to grow, and I have excellent climate for it, only dilemma with that is i'm currently living on a military base with my husband so entirely too much risk there lol
  5. Welcome.. why banned?
  6. chaleston,sc right here ...dank nugz all day..inbox me

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