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  1. anyone here love elliott or his music as much as me? he was an amazingly talented musician...his guitar playing is sick and his lyrics are awesome. it's really too bad he had to take his own life. he was recording an album when it happened, and this summer, his parents might release some of his unreleased stuff on a new cd.
  2. he was so amazing, his songs just kill me
  3. wow, a thread from 2 years ago. Also, I doubt if he killed himself, its just to suspicious.:smoking:
  4. I'll revive this. I love Elliott Smith, most talented poet of the times. I have too many songs to name that I love. I can't wait for the new album of unreleased stuff called 'New Moon'. I think Figure 8 is probably the best album, but you've to love Basement. I've not checked the Basement II thing, it's like a bootleg album or some shit. I've heard most of the tracks on it and from what I hear the quality is TERRIBLE!

    Beautiful music.
  5. i love figure 8. i think either/or is my favorite. my friends and i had an elliot smith memorial service when he died. i think i was 14 or something. we just lit candles and listened to his stuff. i haven't heard of the new album though, i'll have to look into it.
  6. Yeah. I think it's to be released on May 8th.... Check it out on Wiki.
  7. either/or is also my favorite elliot smith album

    it's to bad he isn't around anymore, guy had sucha musical talent
  8. Definately one of my favorite musicians of all time. I would have to say my favorite album is figure 8. :smoking:

    PS: check wiki to see why i said he didnt kill himself......haha wow i must have said that almost a year ago.
  9. Hell yes Elliott Smith is probablymy favorite musician.
  10. RIP elliott he was a great musician
    i have to say XO is my fav. album (baby britain, sweet adeline)
  11. XO is my favorite too, elliott smith was so great! his songs are so well written and depressing. its amazing.
  12. i've been playing the fuck out of "from a basement". love the guitar on that album.
  13. yeah definitely a wierd situation regarding his death, probably on of the most bizarre musicians' death ever....

    HOWEVER, this neither affects nor takes away from the pure amazing quality of music he produced whatsoever

    angeles, miss misery, between the bars, happiness... definitely among my top 10-15 songs list of all time.
  14. there were months upon months where i listened to nothing but elliott.... a true artists artist ... i think southern belle is one of his most powerful songs... and i didn't understand is just beautiful yet so hard to listen to... i cant describe what an impact elliott smith has had on my life
  15. elliott smith is my favorite songwriter/poet/guitarsmith (I know I get flack for that, but I don't give a fuck if somebody is so fucked up he forgets his chords. His writing is unconventional and genius, it's pop progressions with absurd chord choices. Fucking love it).

    his greatest attribute was his authenticity, his music wasn't for any particular audience and adapted no specific style. It was just pure, I didn't think you could mix suicide, the beatles and flamenco guitar before Elliott. Every verse was an earnest, meaningful emotion that granted you his perspective. Truest of trues, a real artist.

    He was also one of the least self-conscious rock stars, ever, hands down. Fuck steak knives and extreme depression =(
  16. guy was such a fucking genius. if youve ever seen videos of him, hes like the quietest guy ever, but he writes the most powerful songs. his music has pulled me through so much, makes me so sad when i think that im never gonna get to spend like a few hours with him, thats my dream.
  17. [​IMG]

    Steven Paul "Elliot" Smith
    (August 6, 1969 - October 21, 2003)

    He was a genius, but like so many with incredible talent he carried inside of himself a deep sadness, that ultimately overcame him. I love his music, it inspires me to dream such wonderful dreams, but when I remember he took his own life I have to stop listening to him. Not because I judge him, because I don't, but because the world to me is less full without his presence. Suicide FUCKING SUCKS.

    R.I.P brother.
  18. RIP elliott, my favorite musician of all time
  19. I have a couple of his albums, a great artist I must say.
  20. Love love loveeee Elliott!

    He was all I listened to while studying for December finals this year...he's also the perfect soundtrack for when it's late at night and you're just walking around by yourself, very peaceful. Even better if it's lightly snowing and the moon is brightly shining.

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