Eliminating Odor..Carbon filter vs Ozone generator

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  1. Im wondering what the best way to get rid of the smell would be... Ive seen most people using a carbon filter which if it works seems pretty simple....

    Ive also heard of some people making or buying ozone generators...do they work?..even the homemade ones? lol..they seem like they would be nice for a closet grow or something..maybe in an apartment or something if its powerful enough...

    also does an ozone generator harm your plants in any way?
  2. "The Gonzo" Odor Eliminator does well for few plants. You can get a bag of it at Home Depot for $6.

  3. ozone generators are toxic to people and plants, they should only be used at the end of the exhaust line where they can't come in contact with anything living. making a home-made ozone generator is possible, but is more than likely an extreme fire hazard and not recommended. a high quality carbon filter is more than likely the best solution.
  4. I use a lot of febreeze. Also if you jus smoke a lot of pot then peopel will just assume your stoned when they smell the plants.

  5. oh that's genius.
  6. get yourself a can fan and can filter and do it right!

    you don't wanna smoke febreeze that inevitably lands on your buds when you spray it all over your grow room. i would NEVER spray that shit around my plants, what a mean way to treat them!
  7. thanks all...and thanks to whoever cleared up how the ozone IS unhealthy .... i seemed to have the wrong idea about them just being able to sit in a closet.

    so ive seen some youtube video on how to make a homemade carbon filter.....pretty simple...move air through a tube filled with carbon....im just wondering how much airflow you would get through all the carbon with a little pc fan...or should i just use a better...bigger fan?.......

    ive seen people with...some crazy ducting systems which seem like they would really do the job... i would probably want to have something like that before my first grow is over to make sure i have no smell in my house at all...im just still kinda worried about outside lol...do they just have the ..."duct"..or ducts..leading to one carbon filter?....

    ...should i make one?...or just buy one..
  8. I almost forgot.... umm...What the hell is that? haha...Im really confused so feel free to laugh....My first instinct was thats something u could shove in your homemade carbon filter or something....Is that just a bag of carbon or whatever?
  9. this.

    the only way to properly scrub your air and have it pretty much 100% odor free is y using a proper filter/fan combo.

    if you wind up in jail for growing, your gonna wish you spent the $300.00 (the retail value of 1/2 of a plant) on one.
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    Yeah i suppose..maybe one of your plants. lol..Ive never really grown before this is just for planning....one day.....ha.. Thanks for the advice..

    so would something like this work?

    this can
    Recirculating: 110/400m³/h @ 0.1 sec contact time.
    Exhaust: 55/200m³/h @ 0.1 sec contact time.
    Prefilter: Included
    Mounting: Screw on or Snap on
    Flange: 4 inches included

    Dimensions: (with pre-filter)
    Outside Diameter: 140mm / 5.5 inches
    Height: 600mm / 25 inches
    Total Weight: 12 Pounds
    Carbon Weight: 6.6 Pounds

    with this fan
    ActiveAir 180CFM Blower System
    For large inflation jobs and exhausting air outside. Exchanges air in an 800 cubic foot room in 4.5 minutes. 180 cubic feet per minute output. Heavy duty grounded power cord. 4-inch diameter duct intake flange. 4 hole square output flange. Motor Hp: 1/80 th. Amperage Draw: 0.5

  11. The bag is all you need, no carbon filter necessary. Bought for $6, works like a charm. It's just volcanic rock. It won't work if you have a bunch of plants(Unless maybe you get a bunch of bags of it), but it's perfect for 1-3 plants. A lot of people don't seem know know about this, I've only seen 2 threads about it before...Check it out, though. Spread the word. :smoke:

    Edit: Also, it won't work very well after about 8 months...but stick it out in the sun for a few hours, and it works like it's brand new!
  12. any special instructions for taking the rocks out of the packaging? Can you perhaps mix this in with your activated carbon scrubber? Can you make an entire scrubber out of one of these? shizz Ima buy me a carton of these and keep em in the bathroom - when their not in my grow room ;)
  13. Shit, I use an air purifier/ionizer in my room and it completely conceals the smell of two plants and I have it set on low. Is it the same thing as an ozone generator? My plants seem to be fine. The room itself isn't air tight and I have a fan blowing into it from outside to provide fresh air. I need to look into this a little deeper.
  14. an ionizer and an ozone generator are two different things, although an ionizer does have the ability to create small amounts of ozone. if you have the ionizer set to low theres probably no real threat
  15. at first ill probably have only a few plants to get me started and eventually planning on more...possibly...or as many as i can comfortably fit under a 400W HPS...idk
  16. forgot where i saw it, could be here. but theres this thing where you take a bucket and fill it with this stuff, and you put a fan of the same bucket diameter in the top of the bucket pointing up, and theres holes drilled at the bottom of the bucket to suck weedy air through and mixes with this baking soda type stuff and out the fan which blows it out of the grow place.
    anyone have input on just baking soda?
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    how do these bags work?...are you saying i would still need some kind of blower fan blowing through that bag? (im assuming u just use the bag...some way instead of the carbon filter?) or does the bag just sit in the room or what lol....because if im spending the money on the fan i might throw in an extra 70$ or whatever for a filter so shipping doesnt fuck me...maybe ill try it tho....
  18. i think i would try Buggings bag method or some other...home made carbon filter before doing that....otherwise like bouldernugs and West said get the whole can filter/fan combo and do it the way its meant to be done lol
  19. The odor elimination bags may work, but you also need fresh air and exhaust.

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